Minimize The Pre-(Non)Surgical Consultation Butterflies With These Helpful Tips

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Preparing for your consultation is an exciting time in your aesthetic journey! Aware of the butterflies that are most likely filling your stomach as you approach game time, Haute Beauty Ambassador Dr. Sachin Shridharani shares how you can prepare for your (non)surgical consultation. Here's the tea:

How do you prepare for a surgical consultation?

Preparing for your consultation is an exciting time in your aesthetic journey! It is best to prepare questions for your consultation and do your own personal research- come with them written out or on your phone so that you do not forget them at the moment. Fortune favors the prepared!

What information should you bring with you?

If you are a new patient and just starting your journey with the practice, a demographic form is needed for basic information. We know this is an exciting (and can be overwhelming) time, so it is best to have all your medical/surgical history noted, as well as a list of all your current medications with dosages and frequencies. It’s important for your treatment provider to have all relevant medical information to suggest the best treatments and procedures for you specifically! Documents for identification and insurance are required as well.

When scheduling a consultation – are there forms to fill out prior to coming in?

Yes! Forms can be filled out at the office, but it is preferable (and helpful for a prompt start time to your consultation) to bring the forms filled out or send them in prior to your consultation. These forms include a detailed-demographic form, HIPAA policy, and financial policy. All to help us give you the best outcome possible!

How do you prepare for a nonsurgical consultation?

Similarly, to preparing for a surgical consultation, you should come prepared with an idea of your aesthetic goals, questions, and the required detailed-demographic form and medical information. Nonsurgical consultations can be just as exciting!

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What information should you bring with you?

You should bring your filled-out patient paperwork (detailed-demographic form, HIPAA policy, financial policy) if you have not yet sent it electronically, a form of identification, and your insurance cards for your file.

How long after the consultation is surgery?

During this exciting time there are a lot of factors at play when following through with a surgical date. Some examples of contributing factors include a timeline for your desired outcome, the cost of the surgery, various preoperative tests/medical clearance from various clinicians, etc. It truly depends on your timeline and your desired aesthetic goals. We do our best to work with you and your busy schedules. Most busy surgeons are booked out for several months, but exceptions can be made, and scheduling changes can occur. The best advice is to prepare well in advance if you have a specific date you need. Also, if there is a time of the year (right after the holidays or near a long weekend) that you want…chances are others are thinking the same thing. Again, fortune favors the prepared!

If the procedure is geared towards your facial features – should you wear makeup to consult?

It is best not to wear makeup, but if you are coming from an event, work, or elsewhere where you would be wearing makeup, a prepared practice like LUXURGERY is always here for you!  Makeup wipes will be on hand for you to use in preparation for your facial assessment during your consultation.

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