The Benefits Of The Famed Nonsurgical Nose Job By Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

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No downtime, pain, major swelling or bruising, recovery, or need to take time off from work or your social life and a newly structured nose? Sign us up! A nonsurgical nose job has many benefits. First and foremost, the fact that it is nonsurgical means it is simple. To learn more about what a nonsurgical nose job entails and why it has grown in popularity, Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Cameron Rokhsar; here's what he shared.

What are the benefits of a nonsurgical nose job?

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, a nonsurgical nose job provides minimal risks. There is no need to be put to sleep, no cuts or scars, and it is performed in minutes, not hours. It doesn’t need to be planned in advance, and it can be done at your lunchtime.

Another huge pro to a nonsurgical nose job is that some patients may have real medical reasons why they can’t have surgery, including being on blood thinners or being averse to general anesthesia. This procedure can be safely and effectively performed even if you are on blood thinners. Also, all ages can be treated.  There are no issues treating teenagers or older adults who may not be ready for surgery. It also costs a very small fraction of what surgery costs, making it affordable for almost all.

Can a nonsurgical nose job be reversed?

That’s one of the great advantages of the nonsurgical technique. If we use a dissolvable filler (hyaluronic acid fillers), then it can be easily reversed. This is done through the injection of an enzyme, called hyaluronidase (vitrase or Hylenex), which begins to chew up the filler instantaneously. Because the nonsurgical nose job in my hands works so well, I seldom have the request to dissolve it, but it is comforting for a patient to know this is a viable option. Also, remember that the filler gradually dissolves on its own and will not last more than 1-2 years.

Other than it being surgical, how does a nonsurgical nose job compare to a surgical one?

The nonsurgical nose job is superior for certain noses but certainly has its limitations. For example, when it comes to building a bridge, or creating a higher bridge, a request very common among African Americans and Asian patients, a nonsurgical nose job can achieve more dramatic yet natural results without the hassle of having to harvest cartilage from the ribs or the ears to build a nasal bridge. However, it also has its limitations.  We cannot change the shape of the nostril with this method. There are also noses that are too big. Even though by creating symmetry, most noses look smaller, there are noses that need a reduction in terms of bone and cartilage.

What are the benefits of a surgical nose job?

The obvious benefit of a surgical nose job is that it can potentially fix the problem once and for all. There are exceptions to this rule in that often, and people need a revision rhinoplasty. Sometimes even after multiple nose surgeries, the desired outcome is not achieved. In many of these instances, a nonsurgical nose job may be able to fix issues that were not able to be corrected with surgery.

Another benefit of a nose job is that, in noses that are too large and have too much bone and cartilage, surgery is the only viable option. These noses require debulking surgery. Also, the shape of the nostril can only be changed through a surgical nose job. There are patients who may have septum issues in that their breathing may be compromised in one nostril. The only way to fix that is through a surgical nose job.

Do you see more patients who want surgical or nonsurgical nose jobs?

I perform more nonsurgical nose jobs than any other physician in the country. Patients get referred to me by other doctors or their friends specifically for the nonsurgical nose job.

How does a patient know which procedure is right for them?

Many issues can be addressed through a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Bumps can be camouflaged. Droopy nasal tips can be raised. Sideway deviations can be corrected. Post-surgical rhinoplasties defects can get filled. We can create more refined noses for a sharper nasal bridge. We can create bridges for people with flat bridges, a common concern among Asians and Africans. The nonsurgical nose job is also a nice way to take your nose for a “test run” if you are not ready for surgery.

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