GUAIA MAdRE: How The Mothership Of All-Natural Clean Beauty Keeps To Their Roots 

Photo Credit: GUAIA MAdRE

It's one of those brands that make you want the days to go by quicker so that you can continuously use its clean and skin-centric products both morning and night. However, GUAIA MAdRE embodies more than just a skincare brand; it focuses on wellness and building a community that pays tribute to Marcela and Jaime Rubiano's Colombian culture, united heritage, and the tribe of women who raised them. 

The sibling-duo molded a lifetime of knowledge passed on by their ancestors and the ethos of self-love and self-care to create what we now know as GUAIA MAdRE. Present-day, the Latinx-inspired skincare brand has three core products: The Eugenia's Rose Hip Oil, All In One Miracle Serum, and Protean Palliative CBD Salve. All of which were built off the powerful blend of products and centered on CBD as it is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, and E. 

The all-natural formulas echo a clean, whole, and powerful mantra that leaves your skin hydrated, silky smooth, and absolutely glowing. And might I add, smelling unreal! Each range of products offers impactful benefits to our body's largest organ: our skin. The specifics include: 

Eugenia's Rosehip Oil

Photo Credit: GUAIA MAdRE

This lavish face oil, crafted with a blend of rosehip, jojoba, olive, jasmine, and sea buckthorn oil, will keep your skin hydrated and your mind relaxed. Upon use, you'll be blessed with the rose's subtle but soothing smell and the therapeutic benefits of the 100mg of powerful CBD.

Although it is not required, a little birdy told us to try applying four to five drops into the palm of our hands and bring them close to our nose. Inhale, hold for a second or two and exhale. Allow the scent to work your senses. Relax before massaging the oil onto your face and neck.

All In Once Miracle Serum

Photo Credit: GUAIA MAdRE

If used in unison with Eugenia's Rosehip Oil, take to the All In Once Miracle Serum first. Using the serum three to four times a week in your nighttime routine will reduce skin hyperpigmentation, exfoliate and promote cell regeneration. In pairing it with the oil, you'll feel extra refreshed and a little less rosy, no pun intended. 

Protean Palliative CBD Salve

Photo Credit: GUAIA MAdRE

Formulated to work across a range of areas - from skin dryness to muscle pain, the Protean Palliative CBD Salve might have just become your new best friend. Full of 300mg CBD and all-natural ingredients, lavender, arnica, and avocado oil, to name a few, the jar of paste will be your daily saving grace. 

Our bodies are a sanctuary, and although the "quest for wellness cannot begin on the external level," the mother of all-natural clean beauty GUAIA MAdRE will continue to keep to its roots, spreading love and creating a community of wellness within it all.