Uncover How Your Teeth Can Look As Good As Your Dentist’s

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The envy we have towards our smile experts' impeccable teeth stands strong. While we have continued to wonder how our experts keep their teeth pearly and white, we decided it was time to ask them ourselves. Here Haute Beauty experts dive into their secrets to keeping their smiles in pristine condition. This is what they had to say:

Dr. Nicole Deakins & Dr. Jeremy Kay, The Dental Spa | Smile | Philadelphia

Maintaining a beautiful white smile is not only important for smile esthetics but is also critical for exuding self-confidence in our daily lives! This is a common topic of conversation between our patients and us. We recommend a combination of take-home whitening and in-office deep bleaching to achieve the whitest smile possible. We utilize KOR and Opalescence products, which are the best products on the market for a long-lasting result. These products are derivatives of hydrogen peroxide and are not light-activated, which results in less sensitivity during the whitening process.

We also recommend utilizing Sensodyne toothpaste with Sodium Fluoride as the active ingredient. This will help reduce sensitivity and will not interfere with the whitening gel's penetration into your teeth' enamel. After a dedicated period of whitening, maintenance whitening of one to two  times per month in conjunction with limiting the foods and drinks that contribute to staining is all that is required to maintain your results. We recommend the Opalescence GO professional whitening strips for a quick whitening session before a special event. If you are someone who is looking to achieve the perfect, always white smile, then porcelain veneers may be the better option. There are many ways to achieve the pearly white smile that fits you best, so be sure to talk to your dentist about your goals to feel confident in your smile and yourself.

Dr. Lindsey Marshall | Smile | Philadelphia

The number one question I get every day, whether in the office or out, is how do I get a whiter, brighter smile, and how does MY smile stay so bright? I am so excited to share my secrets! So depending on the issues behind your lackluster smile and how quickly you need the change, we have different recommendations on whitening, brightening, and maintaining that beautiful smile. If you have natural teeth with no dentistry done and they don't have the sparkle you want, then you can start with whitening.

There are a few options that I love and that have had great success within my practice. I use Zoom in-office whitening, which gives a great eight to ten shade difference in an hour. You may experience some sensitivity because the process dehydrates the teeth (opens the pores of the teeth) to accept the whitening. The sensitivity will be gone by the following day for you to enjoy a beautifully bright smile.

For less sensitivity but an excellent result for people who need more like five to six shades of whitening, we recommend Glo Whitening. Now for people who have dark intrinsic stains like tetracycline or have had dentistry done like bondings, I recommend veneers for a permanent color change and you can pick whatever color you desire. It is all pretty standard in dentistry but MY secret to maintaining whitening or veneers is my absolute favorite product line that I give every single patient in my office…. Supersmile. Supersmile is a toothpaste and accelerator system with a proprietary ingredient Calprox, a peroxide-based system. This improves the health of your teeth and gums and not only maintains the whitening of your teeth but can also whiten your teeth up to six to nine shades just by brushing. There are different systems and strengths but my favorite is the Extra White system, where you can get a nine shade difference in 30 days, just by brushing your teeth. I particularly love this system because it can be a great way to start the whitening journey for people who want a gradual change at a lower price point than in-office treatments.

Supersmile not only whitens your teeth but also prevents stains from forming so you can enjoy your coffee tea, sodas, red sauce, soy sauce, or literally anything that stains a white T-shirt. As mentioned, Supersmile comes in different systems and flavors but they all have the whitening power from the Calprox. From Tahitian Vanilla Mint to Awake and Relax system with B12, the options are essentially endless and all work for your whitening. The best part of the product is that it is clean, has no alilica, abrasives, sulfates, BPA, triclosan, charcoal, parabens or harsh bleaching agents.

I started using Supersmile around three years ago and have not had to do a touch up whitening since. By just replacing my regular drugstore toothpaste with Supersmile, i was able to break the staning/whitening cycle in a gentle, healthy way!

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