Supplements and Vitamins That Promote Anti-Aging

Photo Credit: ShutterstockAge plays a large part in the aesthetics of our bodies. Whether it's the face that starts to wrinkle or your skin that starts to sag, these aging factors can all be regulated to an extent. Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty experts to discuss the best supplements and vitamins that promote anti-aging properties. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Deepa Verma | Integrative/Anti-Aging | Tampa/St. Petersburg

As an integrative/anti-aging MD, one of the first things I tell my patient is to make sure they only use physician-regulated, pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Since there is no FDA regulation on nutraceuticals, like there is on pharmaceuticals, the purity and efficacy can be compromised in over-the-counter supplements bought in a store or over the internet. Always talk to a knowledgeable physician about where to purchase products. I carry all mine in my office that range in everything from simple vitamins to ones that regulate hormones and mood and neurotransmitters and beauty. Aesthetics is always a popular service in my practice and here are my top supplement recommendations Curcumin, B complex, NAD+, collagen peptides, CoQ10, EGCG (green tea), resveratrol, pterostilbene, zinc, glutathione, vitamin C and D, and E. Make sure you purchase physician-regulated products!

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