Haute MD Experts Share Tips To Maintain Healthy General And Oral Health

lifestylePhoto Credit: ShutterstockWhether you're at the dentist or doctor's office, looking for ways to maintain general and oral health is always on the top of our minds. Haute Beauty sat down with Haute MD experts to discuss advised tips to get rid of/limit recurrent medical conditions. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Vineet Sandhu | Concierge Medicine | New York

Living a well-balanced lifestyle is the best way to help chronic conditions. I believe in setting boundaries in terms of diet control, personal albeit friends or family relationships, and at work. Stress can play a part in both your mental and physical well being which can exacerbate chronic illnesses or create long-term health conditions.

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Dr. Baruch Tetri | Periodontology | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

1. Flossing prevents gum disease.
2. Wearing night guards is important to prevent loss of enamel and bruxism.
3. A checkup with the dentist twice a year for cleaning helps prevent cavities.
4. Avoid chewing with your gums and have implants installed in case of tooth loss.
5. Have a digital impression done together with the smile design approved before any doctor starts treating you.
6. See an endodontist before your tooth being extracted. Saving your natural tooth is always preferable to having an implant.

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