Three Moves That Keep Alessandra Ambrosio In Supermodel Shape

Alessandra AmbrosioPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

When you hear the name Alessandra Ambrosio, what comes to mind? For us, the image of this stunning Brazilian beauty — adorned in ornate lingerie and extravagant feathery wings — flaunting her toned arms and taut abs down the runway remains burned in our brains. And even though her Victoria’s Secret modeling days dwell in the past, this 40-year-old fashion icon has yet to forsake the fitness regime that keeps her in supermodel shape. 

With well over a decade of modeling for high fashion brands chronicled in her portfolio, Ambrosio undoubtedly knows a thing or two about navigating fitness. That said, let’s draw our attention to the three exercise moves that she recently demonstrated in an Instagram video. Read our explanations below and give each a try the next time you hit the gym!

Reverse Curtsey Lunges With Kicks

Using TRX ropes, secure each end of the rope at a high angle (such as from a pullup bar or cable machine). Then hold on to each handle while bending your arms at a 90-degree angle. Use the rope to support your weight and begin your reverse curtsey lunges. Add a high kick each time you come up from the lunge to mimic Ambrosio’s moves. Make sure to work out both sides of your body! 

Cable Tricep Pulldowns

Find a cable machine and snag that rope to target those triceps! First, adjust the rope grips to about chest level. Facing the cable machine, clasp each end of the rope with an overhand grip. Then brace your abdominals, tuck your elbows in at your sides and stand with your feet slightly apart. Pull the rope down until your elbows are completely extended but not in a straight position. Return to the start using a controlled movement, and that’s one rep. Make sure to keep your elbows close to your body and resist bending forward while doing the exercise. 

Ab Tucks Ups

After grabbing a mat, start by lying down on your back. Using your abdominal muscles, sit up while simultaneously tucking in your legs toward the center of your body. Use your arms to help you achieve a tuck position. Then recline once more, and that’s one rep. Keep it up to achieve those model-worthy abs in no time!