Top 3 Questions Dr. Sandhu Wished His Patients Would Ask Him

Dr. SandhuPhoto Credit: ShutterstockBorn in NYC, and raised in NJ, Dr. Sandhu has traveled around the country for undergraduate school, medical school, and residency. He completed his Internal Medicine residency at Indiana University and then joined a large multi-care specialty group where he rapidly experienced many cases in a short amount of time. Now with roughly 10 years of medical experience, he is able to treat conditions ranging from congestive heart failure, COVID-19, diabetes, anxiety, bronchitis, sinusitis, and the common cold.

Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Sandhu to discuss questions he wished his patients would routinely ask him. He shares his 3 top questions below:

  1. What can I do to improve my quality of life?
  2. How can I stop smoking, have a better exercise routine, and nutrition plan?
  3. If someone would ask me the bleeding edge technology in outpatient medicine.

It is important to ask questions, stay informed, and be educated. As Dr. Sandhu states, it is imperative to consider ways to improve the quality of your life, whether that be health issues or simply suggestions on how to wake up and feel better. Not only that but he addresses a common question regarding smokers. An estimated 34.1 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes. Where this can be a rather difficult addiction to tackle, it helps to ask your health provider for alternatives to stop smoking and leave cigarettes behind. This elimination can grant you a better ability to withhold strenuous activity and make healthier life choices. Besides being quite influential in the health industry, Dr. Sandhu is well-informed on the rapidly growing technology surfacing in outpatient medicine with Bluetooth capability. Devices are being created that make data collection much more practical and reliable. We all know a doctor's visit can seem like a tedious thing but our check-ups are critical to maintaining our health. So, next time you visit the doctor, consider asking Dr. Sandhu's suggested questions, it might help you in the long run.

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