Whitney Cummings Takes Us Through Her Nighttime Sleep Routine

Whitney CummingsPhoto Credit: ShutterstockComedian Whitney Cummings has shared her sleep routine with Glamour.

Suffering from childhood trauma and migraines at an early age, Cummings has always had problems sleeping as a child. The older she became, Cummings realized that she needed to create healthier habits in order to train her brain with routine. By addressing various issues such as her childhood trauma, addiction, and migraines, Cummings has been able to create a sleep ritual that works for her.

The first step to her solution for better sleep was finding a birth control that worked for her. Cummings who is now a spokesperson for Annovera gives credit to this birth control for reducing her migraines and aiding in controlling her hormones.

A robust skin-care routine is the beginning of Cumming’s relaxing nighttime ritual. To begin, Cummings uses a dermal roller as part of her pre-bed routine. In between derma rolling, Cummings states that she applies serum, makes herself some tea, and then applies another serum for extra moisture.

In the middle of the night, when Cummings awakens to use the restroom, she likes to reapply her serums. Some of her favorites include Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum and Rodin Face Oil. A recent favorite of hers is a comforting body cream from a Black-owned brand, Epara. Cummings also uses Glycelene’s Skin Supplement Luxury Face Oil, a natural and vegan brand, as well as Black-owned brand, Bomb’d Aesthetics’ Natural Glow Serum Daily Moisturizer.

To go to bed, Cummings sleeps in noise-canceling headphones. She sleeps on her back in order for her facial products to sink in and absorb, and to prevent them from rubbing into her pillow.

In order to bring it all together, Cummings uses the Sleepcrown heavy pillow, which she has with her at all times, and wears her favorite pajamas, the Karen Mabon Hot Dog Birthday Party Short Set.