Haute MD Expert Dr. Levine Shares An Impactful Patient Story

Dr. LevinePhoto Credit: ShutterstockOver the years, Dr. Brian Levine has been cited as one of the nation’s leading fertility experts in The New Yorker, New York Post, NBC, CNN, Avenue Magazine among others, offering valuable insight on everything from fertility misconceptions, egg-freezing 101, to how men can boost their fertility. Dr. Levine attended New York University School of Medicine, served as the President of the NYU Alumni Association, and was the only physician on NYU’s Board of Trustees during his 7-year tenure. 

Haute MD caught up with fertility expert Dr. Brian A. Levine to share a patient's reaction that touched him most. Here's what Dr. Levine had to say:

During the early stages of the COVID pandemic, a temporary halt was placed on all non-urgent fertility treatments further complicating the journeys of fertility patients across the U.S. Alyssa and her husband, Justin, were one of the many families whose cycle was abruptly canceled and their dreams of having a baby were delayed. Fortunately, the State of New York quickly recognized fertility treatment as “essential” and our patients could resume their fertility journeys.

Alyssa and Justin stand out as the first patients to become pregnant at CCRM New York following the shutdown. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, I received a thank you note from Alyssa that left me humbled: “When we first came to you December 2019, we were at one of the lowest points in our lives. We had just gone through six months that consisted of two miscarriages, one D&C, and two failed IVF retrievals. Another specialist hinted that donor eggs may be an option we needed to consider. Frankly, when we stepped into your office, we didn't know if it would be possible for us to conceive a child or to even carry one. When we met with you, you were positive and optimistic that we could have a child of our own and that we shouldn't give up hope. Well, we listened to your advice every step of the way and fast forward through two retrievals, one pandemic, one successful embryo transfer, and nine months later on January 27, 2021, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Blake, into the world! Without you, we don't know that Blake would be here today. You gave us the greatest gift we could have ever imagined you will always hold a very special place in our hearts and our family.”

The COVID pandemic has been heart-wrenching in ways I could have never imagined, but Alyssa and Justin’s journey was a bright spot and moment of hope and happiness amidst a dark and challenging year.

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