Studio Vitality For Men: A Guided Sexual Wellness Program By Dr. Roy

Lisbeth Roy, D.O. is the founder of Doctors Studio, a unique medical practice offering the most advanced non-surgical techniques for optimal wellness, performance, pelvic health, prostate health, and sexual wellness. She is a respected authority on male and female sexual health as she practices a truly functional approach to diagnosis and treatment of the root cause, thus solving the problem and reversing symptoms using sound approaches and exciting regenerative medicine tools.

Haute MD sits down with Dr. Lisbeth Roy to learn more about Studio Vitality, a guided sexual wellness program created for men that works to combat Erectile Dysfunction.

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Haute MD: What is Studio Vitality for Men?

STUDIO VITALITY is a successful, physician-guided male sexual wellness program that combines science and technology for the best results, both short and long term. A combination of strategy, technology, hormone and peptide therapy, superfoods, intermittent fasting + exercise is used to help achieve improved endothelial function and detoxification while flooding the body with ultra-nutrition. The program is designed to be successfully supported by qualified Studio Lifestyle Specialists who provide guidance and accountability while allowing bio-individuality.

People are tired of the same old disconnected medications and programs. They prefer a more “whole or more complete” approach to solving the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Our evaluation identifies the cause of the problem and quantifies the severity. Focusing on the root cause and fixing the problem at the deepest level is what appeals to most clients. The challenge is that they don’t know that a root cause approach is available. No one else offers them this perspective.

STUDIO VITALITY is different because we are actual experts in the sexual wellness niche. We do more than anyone else to ensure results. Our evaluation is in-depth so that we reveal the cause of the problem and treat that versus just treating the symptom and allowing the progression of the disease over time, thus leading to worsening symptoms and likely even dangerous underlying problems.

Many men access services from,, These services are symptom-focused and do nothing to actually fix the problems that cause the symptoms, such as early developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, endothelial problems, nerve disease, structural problems, hormone imbalance, systemic inflammation, and functional imbalance.

Haute MD: Who is a good candidate for Studio Vitality?

Any man who is suffering from erection issues may be a good candidate for Studio Vitality. Our ideal target audience is older men but younger men are welcome too.

Haute MD: How does Studio Vitality work?

We are offering YOU a full assessment of your erection status by an expert using a dynamic duplex Doppler ultrasound, or otherwise known as PDDU. Doing a PDDU will provide you with a full understanding of the problem and actual measurable numbers for blood flow into the penis. We can also assess if you have venous leakage, which is a common cause of trouble with maintaining your erection. We do this so we are not just guessing and wasting YOUR time and YOUR money.

The consultation and PDDU are done at Doctors Studio which means you will have the benefit of the best equipment and expertise in a comfortable, professional, and discreet setting. You also have the opportunity to discuss your specific challenges and goals with a sexual medicine expert.

Once we have completed the PDDU and a very comprehensive review of your medical history, we will create a blueprint for success that is customized to the TRUTH about your specific challenges. A complete list and description of all of the procedures, medications, supplements, devices, and technology are listed in the blueprint. This gives you a step by step plan to follow with success assessments done along the way.

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Haute MD: What are all the benefits of Studio Vitality?

Say goodbye to those feelings of failure. Once you have your sexual prowess back, confidence and pride will quickly follow.

Often erectile dysfunction can come as a consequence of hidden, far more serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. These conditions are often overlooked by other doctors.

Forget waiting for pills to kick in. Have sex when you want, for as long as you want.

Happy wife, happy life. Your partner will be glad you took the leap. So will you. You will have a healthier, happier, and more successful life.

Treatments can result in increased length, girth, sensitivity, and ability to last longer in bed.

With a renewed sexual ability and desire, lost connections can be made again and you can ignite the spark again in your relationship.