Dr. Lisbeth Roy On Her Integrative Wellness And Weight Loss Program – Studio Lean

Lisbeth Roy, D.O. is the founder of Doctors Studio, a unique medical practice offering the most advanced non-surgical techniques for optimal wellness, performance, pelvic health, prostate health, and sexual wellness. She is a respected authority on male and female sexual health as she practices a truly functional approach to diagnosis and treatment of the root cause, thus solving the problem and reversing symptoms using sound approaches and exciting regenerative medicine tools.

Dr. Lisbeth RoyPhoto Credit: ShutterstockHaute Beauty sits down with Dr. Lisbeth Roy to learn more about Studio Lean and securing wellness.

HB: What is Studio Lean?

Studio Lean is a highly successful, physician-designed weight loss program that combines science and technology for the best results, both short and long term. The program is for people who are ready to commit to their own health and have struggled with their weight, energy, fitness, and even relationships. Our 8-week system combines strategy + superfoods + intermittent fasting + exercise to help achieve detoxification, a metabolism boost, GI system balance, and improved digestion. The body is simultaneously flooded with ultra-nutrition achieved by the effective metabolic reset supplement and Studio Lean protocol. Subsequent Studio Lean “cycles” may be done until body composition goals are met; we have seen remarkable results in our patients of all ages.

HB: How is Studio Lean different from other weight loss programs?

Studio Lean is different from every mainstream weight loss program because people secure their wellness with every detail of this protocol, supporting their health and body on a foundational level! It’s not about the next big diet fad; it’s about securing your health in a comprehensive way so that physical fitness merely follows as a byproduct.

HB: What does securing wellness mean to you?

Securing your wellness means taking a comprehensive and wholesome approach to your health; if your whole body is healthy then it will provide you a platform to PREVENT future illnesses. Things that are seemingly unrelated often actually are when the big picture of your entire health profile is taken into account.

HB: How do you formulate an individualized plan for each person?

We start by asking our patients of the Studio Lean program the right questions in order to take them on a wellness journey that leads to exactly what they need in terms of their health and fitness. In truth, we are all very similar so not so much tweaking needs to be done. We all tend to ignore the same things and have the same health issues.

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HB: What’s included in the Studio Lean Kit? Can you explain each product and its purpose?

Metabolic Support Drops

  • May help balance and support metabolism and assist with common symptoms of a weight reduction program, such as food cravings.
  • Are a glycoprotein complex containing a combination of a very small amount of sucrose bound to amino acids and a host of all-natural ingredients. They are used in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program and target the inflammatory fat by ridding your body of toxins that are inhibiting optimal functioning.

Appetite and Energy Support Drops

  • Help curb hunger and cravings, as well as improve energy production to fuel the detox and fat loss process. They are used in Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the program.

Detox Superfoods Capsules

  • Are capsules that support the detoxification process of the body, protecting the liver and other organs from the release of toxic molecules. They’re used in Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the program.

Urine Strips

  • A diagnostic tool used to determine pathological changes in a patient's urine in standard urinalysis.
  • Are used to track cellular function weekly. How is your liver doing? Do you have a problem with sugar? Are you getting into mild or moderate ketosis? The results are used to monitor and dial in maximum fat loss, hydration, and muscle protection, so you can adjust as needed to feel your best throughout the program.

Guidebook and recipes

  • Recipes for real food, that are anti-inflammatory and rich in high-quality nutrients. The Physician-designed guidebook is designed for comprehensive fat loss and a total wellness program.

Flash drive including all Studio Lean documents