The Lip Lift: Break The Lip Filler Cycle

Dr. Karan Chopra was guided and advised by visionaries of the field with hands-on experience at the esteemed Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. There he honed his skills in complex facial and orbital reconstructive surgery at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center; completing a dual aesthetic and oculoplastic fellowship with Dr. Mark Codner, and subsequently trained in peripheral nerve surgery with Dr. A. Lee Dellon. At the forefront of advancing cosmetic surgery, his revolutionary techniques and artful hand yield natural-looking results unique to each of his patients. Recognized for his prominent education and training pedigree, Dr. Chopra is revered for his leadership and research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has authored 53 peer-reviewed research articles and has given over 20 lectures across the U.S. Haute Beauty Expert Dr. Karan Chopra explains how a Lip Lift procedure can leave you having fuller, youthful, and natural lips.

Dr. ChopraPhoto Credit: ShutterstockLips have long been influenced by centuries of beauty iconoclasts and the modern celebrity. While line, shape, and volume styles evolve, a shapely cupid’s bow and shorter philtrum (length between bottom of nose and cupid’s bow or vermillion lip border) has stood the test of time.

Most believe the best way to achieve a modern, full lip is through lip fillers. However, there is a quick, easy, low-recovery, and low-pain surgical procedure that lasts longer than fillers circumvent the need for upkeep every few months, and improves facial proportions. The Lip Lift, the industry’s best-kept secret, takes approximately 20 minutes, is performed under local anesthesia, and helps the patient break the lip filler cycle.

What is a Lip Lift?

A Lip Lift is a permanent surgical procedure where a small w- or bullhorn-shaped piece of skin is removed directly from underneath the nose, increasing the amount of visible upper pink lip, creating a full, youthful yet natural appearance. The removed tissue follows the patient’s natural shape and is so close to the nostrils that any residual scarring is hidden within the shadow of the nose.

Who is a candidate?

“The ideal philtrum length for women and men on average is 1.0-1.2cm and 1.3-1.5cm, respectively,” explains Dr. Karan Chopra of Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery. The excess distance between the bottom of the nose and vermillion lip border is usually the tissue that is removed. Our patients fall into one of two categories: an older patient who experiences weakened facial ligaments or a younger patient who relies on lip fillers to create fullness. The older patient can become frustrated with the elongation of this area as a result of aging. Over time, the tissue loses volume and elasticity, creating less aesthetically pleasing facial proportions. A telltale sign of this condition is when the upper teeth are not visible while speaking.

Younger patients can become irritated with repetitive lip filler appointments or experience dissatisfaction with a “duck lip” appearance resulting from fillers. “Duck lips” occur when the patient has a longer philtrum, and the filled upper lip rests on top of the filled bottom lip, but the filler in each lip has nowhere to disperse. Therefore, the lips are pushed outwards, creating a “duck lip” appearance.

Other potential candidates who can consider a Lip Lift do not show teeth when smiling or speaking or have a longer philtrum (<1.5cm), leading to a thin, flatter upper lip.

Lip LiftPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. ChopraWhat should I expect post-surgery?

While recovery varies from person-to-person, bruising and swelling are usually most significant 2-3 days post-op, then resolve over the next one-to-two weeks. Dr. Chopra is careful to utilize a scarless or seamless-scar suture technique and any residual marks are so close to the nostril that they are hidden in the shadow of the nose and can easily be covered with makeup.

The sutures that Dr. Chopra skillfully administers do not need to be removed. This allows patients from outside Minneapolis the opportunity to leave town after 1-2 days.

Through Dr. Chopra’s extended ENVISIONS consultation, you will discuss history, goals and assess the region with a friendly and caring team. Contact Dr. Chopra and his team today to begin your confidence-boosting journey.

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