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Dr. Karan Chopra was guided and advised by visionaries of the field with hands-on experience at the esteemed Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. There he honed his skills in complex facial and orbital reconstructive surgery at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center; completing a dual aesthetic and oculoplastic fellowship with Dr. Mark Codner, and subsequently trained in peripheral nerve surgery with Dr. A. Lee Dellon. At the forefront of advancing cosmetic surgery, his revolutionary techniques and artful hand yield natural-looking results unique to each of his patients. Recognized for his prominent education and training pedigree, Dr. Chopra is revered for his leadership and research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has authored 53 peer-reviewed research articles and has given over 20 lectures across the U.S. Haute Beauty Expert Dr. Karan Chopra introduces #SelfieLift as a minimally invasive technique sought out to enhance your overall aesthetic.

Dr. ChopraPhoto Credit: ShutterstockWhen people look in the mirror, a particular facial feature can stand out and cause frustration, affecting self-confidence. With the popularity of social media and the normalcy of the daily selfie, we often see patients struggle with their appearance and overall aesthetic because facial features appear amplified in pictures.

We see many patients interested in enhancement procedures but fear going under the knife or drastic changes. The #SelfieLift is a novel solution that combines minimally invasive techniques with quick-fix injectables to boost appeal. It offers patients a wow-worthy transformation that reveals a sculpted and slimmer appearance without the cost that comes with surgery.

Dr. Karan Chopra is a John Hopkins trained facial, breast, and body Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. He is fellowship trained within the category of oculoplastic aesthetics and partner at Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery in Burnsville & Edina, MN, outside of Minneapolis. With a unique and intuitive understanding of facial contouring and structure, Dr. Chopra helps patients achieve their best look that is always camera-ready.

The #SelfieLift is a fully customizable enhancement treatment system. As a comprehensive approach, the #SelfieLift corrects and defines contours and highlights features while maintaining your natural facial familiarity. Designed to achieve full facial harmony, it balances face shape, creates symmetry, and reframes proportions in an all-in-one visit. Patients can also opt to highlight or spot-treat specific features, selecting treatments by layering appointments.

SelfieLiftPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. ChopraHow It's Done

The Facial anatomy is complex, demanding precision and a nuanced artistic touch to achieve natural-looking results. Under the trained hand and eye of Dr. Karan Chopra, he will guide patients in the discovery of their best-fit look. He is an expert at pinpointing fillers' exact location in just the right amount, so results are natural but noticeable improvements.

The #SelfieLift minimally invasive outpatient procedures include Buccal Fat Pad Removal and Face and Neck Lipo. These can be performed quickly under twilight sedation and require little post-op downtime, leave no scarring, and allow patients to resume daily life after a relaxing weekend at home.

The Right Candidate

"Lifts" are often regarded as surgical anti-aging treatments to correct sagging skin and wrinkles. However, Dr. Chopra created the #SelfieLift to offer patients hi-def enhancement that boosts photogenic appeal in youthful and mature patients. Due to its versatile nature, it suits both adult women and men at any adult age.

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