How To Erase Scars + Maintain The Results

Scars tell stories, but not every story is one you want to tell for the rest of your life. Removing a scar used to be impossible, but today there are creams, lotions, gels and laser and injectable treatments to help minimize the appearance of scars. Here, Dr. Lucy Chen of Diane Walder Dermatology by Riverchase explains to Haute Beauty about the differences in scars, the best treatment to completely erase them and the best product to maintain the results of any scar treatments.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Haute Beauty: Are there different kinds of scars?

Dr. Lucy Chen: There are lots of different types of scars and this impacts treatment options because certain treatments are better for certain types of scars. Some scars are raised, some stretched and there are many different colors depending on how old it is.

HB: Is it possible to completely erase them?

LC: Surgical scar revision is one way to remove scars entirely, but it requires going under the knife to erase the scar. Aesthetic treatments with lasers or injections can improve the appearance of scars if you don't want to undergo surgery.

HB: What’s the best treatment for erasing scars?

LC: Depending on the type of scars, a customized plan can be developed for the patient to help determine the best treatment for each individual. Typically, a combination of steroid injections and laser treatments can improve scar appearance and texture.

HB: How many treatments are needed to see a difference?

LC: Each patient will have individual outcomes depending on the treatment plan designed based on their scar type, but it may take several months before treatments provide desired results.

HB: What is the best product for patients to use after treatment to help maintain results?

LC: Silicone scar gel will help patients best maintain results from scar treatments.

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