Everything You Need To Know About Cavities And How To Prevent Them

We’ve enlisted the help of Dr. Katherine Roman who answers the most frequently asked questions about cavities and how to prevent them. Here’s an expert guide on how you can ensure your pearly whites are healthy and bacteria-free. Dr. Roman’s key advice? Lots of frequent visits to the dentist.

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Haute Beauty: How do people get cavities? 

Dr. Katherine Roman: Basically, cavities are a disease. Just put it like that, cavities are a disease. There are little bacteria in people’s mouths. If we don’t brush well, if we don’t floss well, those bacteria produce acids and these acids weaken the enamel, which is the first layer of the tooth, developing a cavity.

HB: Are there foods people should avoid if they are prone to cavities? 

KR: Soda and juices. All of the juices are very high in sugar. So, they are very key to developing cavities in people because of the amount of sugar that those juices have.

HB: What are some ways that we can maintain a healthy mouth? 

KR: We need to have frequent visits to the dentist, the use of dental floss and professional cleanings, at least twice a year, a healthy and balanced diet.

HB:  Do you have any toothpaste that you recommend to your patient or that you find that are really good for dealing with cavities?

KR: Right now there are various kinds of toothpaste on the market. The one that I used to recommend to my patients that are very high cavity risk, we call it like that, is the PreviDent® 5000, but that one is a prescription toothpaste.

HB: Do you have anything else about cavities and cavity prevention that you would like to add?

KR: It is very important to not go to sleep without brushing the teeth because at this point is when we have less amount of saliva in our mouth so the pH of the mouth goes, drops very low and that’s why it is very important to brush teeth before you go to sleep.

HB: What about dental health? 

KR:  It’s important to use Xylitol.