One-On-One With Miami Beach Bum Founder Ayssa Di Pietro

Ayssa Di Pietro 2Photo Credit: Jordan Braun Photography

In the beauty world today, there are endless amounts of products that address each area of your body. But the one part that we've often been forgetting? The bum. Which is exactly why Miami native Ayssa Di Pietro came up with her own solution for the often-forgotten, yet very important part of the body. In comes her newest baby, Miami Beach Bum. The lush treatment is an incredible plant-based, ultra-concentrated and results-driven concoction that aims at improving and the quality and appearance of your skin, eliminating discoloration, blemishes, chafing and more with its healing properties. While it aims to target this region, it can also be used throughout the body for smooth, soft and blemish-free skin. Offered in two scents—Mint and Vanilla Orange and packaged in Miami Art Deco's emblematic pink and mint shades—Haute Beauty invites you to say hello to your bum + body's new best friend.

Here, we sit down with Di Pietro to find out all the details on the new Miami-born product and how it works, plus future plans for the brand.

HB: How did you come up with the idea for Miami Beach Bum?

ADP: The idea for Miami Beach Bum came from my background in marine science and my love for ocean activities. I live in wet bathing suits and unfortunately, bacteria also live in wet bathing suits. This bacteria caused me to have horrible folliculitis blemishes on my bum (Butt Acne). I began experimenting with ingesting antibacterial herbs and pearl but knew that the quickest cure would be creating a product that I could apply topically to my problem areas. The Miami Beach Bum formula became my holy grail product to cure and prevent my blemishes. Bringing this product to the market is my way of sharing this solution with others who share the same skin issues. 

HB: How long did it take to bring this idea to fruition? What were the steps?

ADP: It took me a year to bring Miami Beach Bum to fruition. First, I worked to formulate the product in my kitchen, testing different plant-based ingredients and balancing the formula. Next, I worked to brand the product, choosing a typeface for the logo and color palette that paid homage to Miami's rich Art Deco history, creating a product that looks quintessentially Miami. I then set up a supply chain that aligned with my personal and business values. I knew I wanted to produce everything in the USA, and more importantly, right here in Miami. Once I had manufacturing partners set up, I was able to move on to the more creative side of the business. I began working with a Creative Director, Alex Norton, who helped develop our brand identity and marketing strategy. Hiring a social media expert and photographer, Jordan Braun, was the final piece of the puzzle bringing the Miami Beach Bum brand vision to life. 

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Jordan Braun Photography

HB: How did you come up with the two scents?

ADP: People don't want to smell like oregano, but it's such a hero ingredient in the product, so I paired oregano with complementing plants—spearmint and orange. The two product scents, Mint and Vanilla Orange, are derivatives of the same formulation and allow us to appeal to a larger audience. 

HB: Will there be more scents to come?

ADP: We're definitely looking to create more scents in 2020. Think seasonal and limited-edition offerings!  

HB: I know it’s targeted to your bum, but will it give the same results throughout the rest of your body?

ADP: Yes, this formulation does not clog pores and is an optimal p.h for your entire body. The formulation targets problem skin, anywhere. Some customers even use it on their face, but because it is so concentrated and Oregano is such a strong ingredient for those with sensitive skin, we tell our customers to first test a small patch on their face. 

HB: Do you plan on expanding Miami Beach Bum into a further line of products?

ADP: We hope to! We want to focus on reaching as many consumers with our namesake product first, but we're not limiting ourselves!. Right now we also have limited-edition brand wear available ($38) for purchase on our website and $10 per unit so is donated to @Ethically_Elizabeth — a Miami based animal welfare hero here in Miami. 

HB: How does it embody the city of Miami? 

ADP: The aesthetic of Miami Beach Bum's branding is inspired by the Beach's Art Deco buildings. And our Instagram page is rolling out a campaign featuring 'the Miami Beach Bum' archetype who embodies the brand and our consumers. 

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Jordan Braun Photography

HB: Describe Miami Beach Bum in three words. 

ADP: Natural. Ethical. Confident (from behind!) 

HB: Aside from your own product, what are three top beauty hacks you swear by?

ADP: 1. Treat your body well from the inside-out. I swear by water, vegetables and Sun Potion teas. 2. Stay away from chemicals in your beauty routine. 3. I really love herbs! Instead of perfume, I wear lemongrass extract as a fragrance and use tea tree extract as a deodorant. 

HB: Favorite aspect of Miami.

ADP: Year-round, outdoor recreation. I love to bike on the boardwalk, paddleboard in the bay, kite surf off the beach and boat to the sandbar. 

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Jordan Braun Photography