Are You Too Young For Eyelid Surgery?

There are a variety of eyelid surgery techniques that are used to improve a wide array of concerns—and age-related changes are just one of them. “Many patients mistakenly believe that blepharoplasty is used exclusively to smooth wrinkles and give sagging skin a ‘lift”—but the fact is that women and men of all ages can benefit from eyelid surgery depending on their unique concerns,” explains Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Zoumalan.

Eye-area injectables

Injectable treatments such as hyaluronic acid-based fillers and Botox for the eye area have soared in popularity, and while these are extremely effective solutions for many, in some cases surgery can provide more significant long-lasting results, and may actually cost less over time. “I don’t jump to operate on younger patients, but if a comprehensive exam suggests they are a good candidate, I’ll recommend surgery. Oftentimes, non-surgical treatments don’t solve the underlying problem, but rather act as a Band-Aid for the issue—and can lead to further problems,” he says. For example, more and more patients are turning to fillers as a quick fix for dark under-eye circles, or Botox to give the eyebrows and upper eyelids a subtle lift, however Dr. Zoumalan emphasizes, “It’s imperative that that patient has realistic expectations about the results injectable treatments are able to achieve.”

The under-eye area can be a concern for patients as young as their twenties. Although a hollow appearance between the lower eyelid and upper cheeks can be improved by restoring volume with injectable fillers, Dr. Zoumalan stresses, “These treatments are not a solution for under-eye bags caused by bulging pockets of fat. If a doctor attempts to hide bags with filler, this can potentially make them appear worse due to visibility of product or swelling if too much product injected. In fact, many of these patients come to me to have under-eye fillers dissolved with hyaluronidase.”

Attractive eyes

“An individual patient’s primary concerns—not age—dictate the ideal treatment and procedure options that will help them achieve their aesthetic goals,” says Dr. Zoumalan. “Every case is different, and if a patient is a candidate for surgery, but simply isn’t ready, we can discuss if injectable fillers or Botox would be able to provide some degree of improvement that they would be happy with.”

Younger patients often assume that they are not candidates for surgery based solely on their age, and many are surprised when a plastic surgeon suggests this option especially if they had planned on getting injectables from the get-go. Dr. Zoumalan says, “This is when I explain that modern advances in eyelid surgery have allowed for quick recovery with minimal pain and natural-looking results.”