Functional Fragrance: The Latest Scent Trend

Once upon a time, the sole purpose of perfume was to mask body odor since bathing wasn’t seen as the daily necessity it is now. The first modern perfume (specifically fragrant oils blended in an alcohol-based solution) is believed to have been created for the Queen of Hungary in 1370. Fragrance as we now know it began to become popular among the masses in the mid-1700s, and the rest is history—or is it?

Sure, the path of perfume has been marked by several memorable trends over the past few decades—including unisex and “celebrity” scents—but there’s something new in the air: Functional fragrance. Unlike traditional perfumes that are all about making you smell good, the latest generation of scents are designed to help you feelgood, too. With a focus on essential oils that have been scientifically proven to influence our moods (and often lacking synthetic ingredients linked to allergies or headaches), functional fragrance can help you relax, de-stress or get energized—and smell great all at the same time. Here, a few options that may change the way you pick your perfume every day.

The New Co.

The Nue Co. Functional Fragrance
Billed as an “anti-stress supplement in the form of a unisex fragrance,” this blend of green cardamom, bergamot, violet, jasmine, iris, palo santo and cilantro will definitely leave you smelling clean and zesty—and it might even help you keep your cool emotionally when things heat up. When you consider that 96% of users felt immediately calmer after two spritzes, it’s worth a shot, right?


Heretic Parfum Dirty Grass
Innuendo aside, Dirty Grass is Heretic’s first functional fragrance, and as you may have guessed, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil is among the ingredients. But let it be known, this is also an actual perfume with fresh, green and earthy notes of pink pepper, lemon, violet leaf and vetiver and a soft honey finish. Reminiscent of freshly-cut grass (as in the kind on your lawn), it uplifts your mood and imparts a sense of balance with every whiff.


Rahua Palo Santo Oil Perfume
Little did we know that the signature scent found in Rahua’s haircare and body products actually serves a purpose, and palo santo wood’s pine, mint and lemon notes have long been used by the indigenous population of the Andes mountains to promote spiritual purification, healing and energy. Citrus and gardenia enfleurage round out this wellness-enhancing oil-based scent—and the portable rollerball makes it easy to get your positive vibes on anytime and anywhere.

Essential Rose Life

Essential Rose Life Mood Oils
Aromatherapy is an art, and the proper blend of essential oils can have a profound impact on our mood. Essential Rose Life’s sweet and citrusy “Sedate” Mood Oil soothes your soul with blue and Roman chamomile, cedarwood, spruce, bergamot and lavender while the spicy floral “Indulge” restores your get-up-and-go with rose otto, rose geranium, ginger, cardamom and vetiver. Simply apply to your pulse points, inhale deeply, recite the mantra on the bottle (if you choose) and go with the flow.