Top Celebrity Facialists And Their Famous Clients

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When you’re a celebrity, your face is your livelihood—so skincare is naturally a top priority. A top-notch aesthetician is essential for a flawless complexion, and Hollywood’s elite don’t trust their skin with just anyone. These aestheticians represent the crème de la crème, and their schedules are booked solid with bold-faced names well beyond awards season. Their services—and at-home products—are a necessity rather than an indulgence, and here’s a list of the most in-demand skin gurus that actresses, models and other celebrities rely on for radiant, ageless skin.

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The facialist: Joanna Vargas
With a nature-meets-science philosophy, and a celebrity following that proves her approach works, New York City-based Joanna Vargas is the go-to for cutting-edge anti-aging treatments that deliver skin that seems to defy aging—without a scalpel. Known for her fully customized face and body treatments that combine microcurrent, LED light, oxygen, microdermabrasion and her eponymous all-natural product line, Vargas’ approach leaves clients with visibly rejuvenated skin the moment they walk out the door while her focus on stimulating collagen and minimizing inflammation results in continued improvement over time.
Celebrity clients: Mandy Moore, Debra Messing, Elisabeth Moss, Julianne Moore, Zac Posen


The facialist: Sonya Dakar
A Hollywood legend in her own right, Sonya Dakar has been treating celebrity skin for more than 30 years. Her philosophy centers on getting skin “in shape,” and her Facial Fitness treatments rely on tough love to get dramatic results fast. Among the most popular is the Beauty Bootcamp, which is a series of six customized treatments that include facials, chemical peels and other non-invasive procedures, which are selected based on a client’s unique needs. When it comes to her treatments and skincare line, Dakar is committed to a balance of natural ingredients, essential oils and scientifically-proven actives—and this has proven to be an effective recipe for gorgeous skin.
Celebrity clients: Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Jenna Dewan Tatum

LBF System

The facialist: Christine Chin
Known for her meticulous attention to detail and not letting clients leave until she’s cleared each and every pore, Christine Chin is booked solid for months in advance, despite being nicknamed “Mean Christine.” Facials are her main focus, but Chin often recommends additional medically-based treatments after analyzing the skin and thoroughly explains all the details. Between non-negotiable appointments, she tells clients to stick to a rather simple routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing (with her own product line, natch)—and absolutely no picking, poking or popping whatsoever.
Celebrity clients: Candice Swanepoel, Christy Turlington, Gisele Bundchen, Helena Christensen, Hilary Swank

Tammy Fender products

The facialist: Tammy Fender
An appointment with Tammy Fender is much more than a mere facial—it’s a holistic treatment for the skin and the soul. Rather than jumping right into the cleanse, exfoliate, mask, etc. protocol, Tammy takes clients on a guided meditation journey that preps the mind and skin for a fully customized facial experience. Fender is a firm believer in the living energy of plants—and their beneficial effects on the skin—which is reflected in her products as well as her technique. But don’t let her “feel good” approach fool you because the healthy, glowing, radiant skin she delivers is the real deal.
Celebrity clients: Alicia Silverstone, Lauren Bush Lauren, Alanis Morisette


The facialist: Gunna Covert
Hailing from Iceland and now splitting her time between splitting her time between DAPHNE Studio in NYC and Penelope & The Beauty Bar in Seattle, partner and master trainer Gunna Covert believes in respecting, strengthening and rebuilding the skin rather than breaking it down with harsh treatments and ingredients. Covert’s customized facials include a blend of European treatments and techniques as well as the latest skincare technologies. She often incorporates microcurrent to stimulate the skin and tone facial muscles, as well as Micropuncture, which creates micro-perforations in the skin to enhance product absorption and boost the skin’s natural regeneration process. She’s also big on layering products based on molecule size to optimize their penetration into the skin, and mainly uses Biologique Recherché (and their cult classic P50 exfoliating toner) in her facials.
The celebrity clients: Covert is hush-hush about her famous clients, but she says multiple Victoria’s Secret Angels and fashion designers are among them.