Vivienne Westwood’s Unconventional Advice On Staying Young


Fashion designer and vocal environmentalist, Vivienne Westwood has reached the revered age of 76. Yet, she remains at the helm of her punk-inspired fashion empire and often attends rallies and protests. Her radiance and energy have often caught the spotlight – and just last week, she revealed the secret to her youthful appearance.

After the Paris Fashion Week show of husband Andreas Kronthaler, Westwood, asked by reporters, said, “Don’t wash too much.”

Known for his eccentricity, Kronthaler added, “She only takes a bath every week. That’s why she looks so radiant ... I only wash once a month.”

Some time ago, PETA quoted Westwood, saying, “I just wash my bits and rush out in the morning and more often than not get in the bath after Andreas.”

As the cold months are fast approaching, we might give Westwood's unorthodox advice a chance.