5 Tips to Protect and Strengthen Your Nails During the Summer


Beach vacations, pool parties, overseas trips – the summer is ushering in warmth and fun. As thrilling as they can be, the hot months are also an ordeal for the nails.

While nails often get less pamper than skin and hair, they can suffer just as much during the summer, when brittleness and dryness set in. Here are five tips how to protect and care for your manicure and pedicure in the season when picture-perfect looks are a must.


UV rays, ocean salts and pool chemicals can dehydrate the nails and cause flakiness. Thus, it is crucial that you use hand and feet creams and cuticle oils to deliver essential drops of moisture to your manicure and pedicure.

Try Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer, which traps hydration in and offers long-lasting protection.

Be Gentle

Avoid harsh, acetone-based varnish removals as they easily dry the nails, adding up to the damage the season otherwise wreaks.

Try Essie Naturally Clean Purifying Polish Remover, which strips away even the hardest nail lacquers without sapping up moisture.


Just like you slather sunscreen on your skin, use protective topcoats with UV filters to shield your nails from any sun-borne harm.

Try Avon Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard Top, which not only protects but also delivers a week-long, sultry sheen.


In the summer months, strength is crucial to fend off any damage. Nourish the nails both from inside and out with strengtheners and supplements to prevent weakness and chipping and stimulate thickness and hardiness.

Try Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat, which is rich in proteins that strengthen and brighten the plate.

Mind the Length

Nails grow faster in warm weather. While longer plates often mean better manicures and pedicures, they also invite infections, especially toenails. Trim then regularly to shun any unpleasant fungus-infused discolorations and brittleness.