Hair Loss Prevention Label Keranique Expands Physical Store Presence


After a successful run on Sephora’s website, haircare brand Keranique arrives at 20 physical locations of the beauty store.

The expansion attests to the US brand’s growing presence on the market. It is already on the shelves and online at Ulta and in the e-commerce inventory of Nordstrom and HSN, among other beauty retailers.

Developed as a line of hair less solutions, Keranique offers mild cleansers, serums, gentle shampoos and conditioners, intensive treatments as well as styling products like mousses that not only keep a hairdo in place but also nourish the scalp. While tackling hair thinning and loss, the brand does not overlook the aesthetic side of the industry.

“While most brands trying to address women’s hair loss slant towards a more medicinal look and approach, we’ve created a solution that not only works clinically, but doesn’t neglect the beauty aspect of haircare,” said Andrew Surwilo, the cofounder and CEO of Atlantic Coast Brands, which owns Keranique.

The label’s innovative, FDA-compliant approach to the confidence-denting snag that affects an estimated 46 million women has already earned accolades – in addition to a swelling base of customers. Earlier in May, Keranique was named finalist in CEW Beauty Insider Awards 2017 for its Tint & Texture Color Density Treatment.

While the label is garnering attention, it works toward dispelling the uncomforting silence around women’s hair loss. To this end, Keranique has launched a wide-reaching advertising educational campaign that counts on Franco Della Grazia, top stylist at Cutler NYC and on-air beauty expert, as brand ambassador.

The store expansion is for sure to benefit the label’s outreach efforts to efface the taboo around hair loss and to help women regain their self-esteem and mane.