How To Go Makeup-Free In 2017

Woman Standing in Front of the Mirror in the Morning

How to go makeup-free in 2017

How much time could you save in the morning if you didn’t have to put on makeup? Imagine waking up, eating your breakfast, brushing your hair and then just walking out the door. No need for a concealer, primer, or anything else to feel confident and ready to seize the day - Just some sunscreen on your skin and you’re out the door.

Unfortunately, many women feel like this is just something they can’t do because things like acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and scars can elicit feelings of self consciousness. After all, everyone wants to look their best and feel confident.

But what if you could do something to improve how your skin looks and boost your confidence…?

Something with tangible results, and not just hype.


Gaining confidence with PicoSure

One way to address skin concerns like rough texture, wrinkles and dark spots is through minimally-invasive treatments like PicoSure.

PicoSure is a skin laser developed by Cynosure, but it’s very different from traditional lasers.

Firstly, most skin lasers work by destroying and damaging skin cells through heat. Although it can be an effective approach, the process can increase recovery times because heat will damage surrounding healthy tissues.

Instead of heating up skin cells, PicoSure converts the laser bursts into kinetic energy and achieves results by “pushing” skin cells and other structures.

For example, using its energy to “push” skin cells, PicoSure can break up clusters of melanin pigment to get rid of red and brown spots on the skin. Additionally, it can improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin by stimulating collagen production to strengthen the skin’s support network.

Secondly, PicoSure sends energy bursts in pico-second intervals. Most skin lasers today use intervals of nano-seconds, which is a billionth of a second. A pico-second is a trillionth of a second. By using shorter bursts, treatments with PicoSure can reduce recovery time and make the procedure more comfortable.

Results from PicoSure are typically gradual, because the treatment works with your body’s natural processes to achieve results. In the case of hyperpigmentation, the broken melanin clusters are gradually removed from the body via the lymphatic system. For skin tightening, collagen will need a few weeks to grow and produce the firming effect.

But this gradual improvement has a great benefit; no one will be able to tell that you’ve had a treatment. They’ll just notice the gradual improvement in how your skin looks and will attribute it to a better diet or getting more sleep. It’s your secret, and you don’t have to tell anyone!


Other steps to go makeup-free

To achieve the best results, treatments like PicoSure should be complemented with a high quality, medical grade skin care routine.

For example, many of our patients have achieved better skin appearance by switching to Jan Marini products in their skin care routines. Others have been able to reduce hyperpigmentation and rough texture with treatments like the Jessner peel.

To learn more about PicoSure and how to go makeup-free in 2017, please contact Illuminate Plastic Surgery in Palo Alto, California. All PicoSure treatments are performed by Dr. David Boudreault or his wife and Nurse Practitioner, Molly Boudreault.