Ivanka Trump on Family, Beauty, Work and Success

Ivanka Trump

Although her father’s divisive charge to the Oval Office and disruptive presidency plunged her in her own mishaps (think her PR move on “60 Minutes”), Ivanka Trump remains a role model. Mother of three, wife, real estate mogul, businesswoman and entrepreneur, the 35-year old first daughter appears to have struck an oh-so-elusive balance between family and work, which never seems to wear on her impeccable looks. What are Ivanka’s secrets to her always impeccable visage?

On Hydration
One of the simplest beauty hacks for Ivanka is water. The head of the women-empowering initiative Women Who Work, relies on eau to maintain her energy and glow during her erratic routine and travels. “When I can, I drink lemon with my water—it dresses it up a little bit,” she says.

On Must-Have Products
Despite her million-dollar looks, Ivanka prefers simple and efficient products that are also quite affordable. “My mother taught me to appreciate a good drugstore beauty aisle. I regularly use Aquaphor, Chap Stick, Purpose Face Soap, and Aveeno body moisturizer.”
What is in her purse, though? “I always carry a rollerball of my Ivanka Trump Fragrance in my bag or if I’m out, it’s the perfect size for a clutch. I love a powder with SPF in it so I can apply sun coverage on the go and I always have a Burt’s Bees lip balm in my bag.”

On Hair
Ivanka’s locks are often easy flowing and quite natural – a no-effort effect for the former model, who does not own a blow dryer. “I wash my hair every morning and it air-dries stick-straight as I walk into the office.” To tuck any stray strands back in order, she recommends spritzing a blush brush with hairspray and sweeping it over flyaway hairs.

On Everyday Charm
Cruising through a busy day – from family chores to work trips – might wear on any woman’s style. Not on Ivanka’s, who knows how to combine elegance, comfort and flexibility. “My go-to look during the week is a well-tailored dress and heels. Accessories are crucial. A great bag and a piece of statement jewelry are the fastest way to elevate an otherwise understated look. I also always have a pair of chic flats under my desk to slip in to when I am touring development projects and our various construction projects.”

On Skincare
When it comes to skincare, Ivanka emphasizes the basics. “Take off your makeup before bed, no matter what!! As a teenager, my mother once woke me up in the middle of the night to insist I remove my makeup. She felt like it was terrible for the skin, and I tend to agree.”

On Beauty
“[C]onfidence, strength and grace are what really makes a woman beautiful,” Ivanka has once offered as advice to her 5-year old daughter, Arabella. Preach!