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  • Romina Nabhen
  • Romina Nabhen has held positions with luxury leaders where she directed numerous large-scale events. She is recognized by international media as a Fashion Expert in outlets such as CNN Espanol, the Style Network, BRAVO, CBS, ABC, Telemundo, Univision and MegaTV among others. Romina's multicultural background allows her the ability to cross over between English & Spanish language on-air & print media vehicles. In addition, her fashion and beauty insights have been featured in publications such as VOGUE Latin America/Mexico, Ocean Drive Magazine, Selecta, VENUE, Coral Living, Miami New Times, Key Biscayne Magazine, El Nuevo Herald, VIP Latino, Hola Ciudad, New You & Strategy Magazine and fashion blogs such as La Nueva Voz Latina, Accidental Sexiness, The Wordy Girl and Mujer Activa. Photo by Yamila Lomba

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