The House of Paul Morelli Relocates New York Flagship On Madison

Founded in the 20th century, the House of Paul Morelli has served as one of the country’s premier fine jewelry brands steeped in theatrical history and wonderous craftsmanship. From its quintessential residence on Philadelphia’s Walnut Street designing handmade costumes for the Theatre District, the jewelry house has evolved greatly over time and is delighted to announce the relocation of its New York flagship to a grander boutique on Madison Avenue.

Located at 725 Madison Avenue, between 63rd and 64th Streets, the new location will be a ten-block move from its previous spot on Madison and 72nd. This emboldened relocation showcases a continued evolution for the brand to “facilitate a larger footprint and increased capability to showcase new collections, interact and engage with clients, and generally grow the brand’s presence in a highly-trafficked block range.” With 1,450 total square feet, the space occupies nearly double the size of its current boutique and will serve as a showcase for most vast displays of the brand’s signature collections, such as Unity, Confetti, and Meditation Bells.

The new store design is led by Raffaella Bortoluzzi, Principal Architect and Founder of Labo Design Studio, taking inspiration from Mr. Morelli’s familial ties to the Philadelphia Theatre District. The interior space boasts eight different bays with arched glass partitions to create the illusion of a deeper space. This layout encourages the discovery of jewelry with the “stage’s backdrop” created by grid panels.

The boutique also features a mezzanine level designed for private sales and one-on-one client appointments, but the overall storefront presents a feeling of transparency and openness. As lighting is a critical element in a jewelry boutique, special attention was paid to facilitating a warm and inviting atmosphere while highlighting the utmost quality of the precious stones displayed. The color palette was designed with lightness and delicacy in mind to create a neutral backdrop for the jewelry.

Paul Morelli states, “In expanding our Madison Avenue store into a space that not only highlights our jewelry creatively but also feels inviting and light, we are stepping into a new evolution and interpretation of our brand.” He continues, “The homage to my theatrical roots intersects with my Italian heritage in some of the most natural yet unexpected ways throughout the space, and I am so happy to call this our new home in New York City.”