What To Expect From Your First Luxury Safari

Luxury safaris are some of the most memorable, exciting experiences you will ever have. While a standard safari is all about wild animals and rustic living, luxury safaris can bring things to the next level. You can enjoy personalized services, five-star accommodations, and beautiful views. If this sounds like something that might pique your interest, there are a few things to know about this type of trip.

They Can Be Expensive

If going on a luxury safari is your dream, it’s a good idea to start planning as soon as you know you will want to take one. They can be pricy, especially with the luxury accommodations. Even if you do not know yet what package you will choose, price a few out to see what type of budget you’ll need. Then you can run the numbers to see how much you will need to save each month. Even if you are not able to save the full amount right now, you can still get a personal loan to make up the difference with the total costs.

You’ll Enjoy Amazing Accommodations

It is not only European hot spots that have the market cornered on luxury. You can enjoy luxury accommodation, including lavish camps in the best spots in the area. Even though you will have wonderful accommodations, you will also have a feeling of exclusivity, and you can have features such as an internet connection, a hot shower, toiletries, and a great view that features the African bush. You can be able to have electricity to charge your devices and air conditioning to keep you cool in this hot part of the world.

You Should Pack Accordingly

If you’ve never been on a safari before, you may have no idea what you should bring. It’s important to consider packing limits, comfort, and even the colors of what you will be wearing. Many times, safari trips make use of bush planes, and this means there might be a weight limit as to what you can bring. You may receive a bag as part of the package, but no matter who provides the bag, you will likely not have a lot of space considering the length of the trip.

Consider coming up with a capsule wardrobe, which can encompass pieces you can easily mix and match. Bring layers and lots of basics so you can create lots of different outfits with a few pieces. Think about the colors you bring since colors like white or navy can attract mosquitoes. And bringing brightly colored items, such as red or yellow, can cause you to scare off the wildlife. It’s a good idea to go for earth tones, such as greens, beiges, and tans.

There Will Be Plenty of Great Food

You will likely be eating a lot of great food during a luxury safari tour. Every company ensures you have plenty of food, with many options available. Since drives could last four hours, you will likely receive snacks during that time, and there are huge meals served the rest of the time. Dinners and breakfasts are often served at the place you stay, and these will likely be buffet style. But you may experience lunches as picnics. Either way, you can expect to eat plenty of stews, chicken, pasta, and salads. During an evening drive, it is not uncommon to stop around sunset for a drink and some more snacks. You will likely be able to stop at a unique space, away from wild animals, where you can watch the sun go down over the area.

You Will Take Breaks During the Day

The middle of the day is usually the hottest in the areas you will be visiting. Even if you go during their winter seasons, the temperature can still reach the mid to upper 80s. You will likely be able to rest during the day at whatever lodging you are staying at. There will likely be plenty of amenities to keep you occupied, including pools, gyms, and other activities.

You Will See Wildlife at Your Door

Safari parks in Africa usually do not have fences, and they tend to be large. Animals of all sizes are free to go where they wish in the land, and you shouldn’t be surprised if some of them show up at your tent or lodging. You will also likely hear the wildlife in the distance, whether it’s singing birds or roaring lions. Animals are often quite active in the mornings, especially because this tends to be a cooler time of the day. When you step outside in the morning with your cup of coffee, don’t be surprised to see animals wandering through the grounds.

You Will Experience Multiple Game Drives in a Day

You can expect to go on more than one game drive each day you are on safari. Usually, these will take place in the evening and in the morning, and each tends to last around four hours. You will be looking for interesting wildlife during this time. You can expect rangers to talk to each other, so the guides stay updated on whether there is something interesting to see. Every drive is special because you never know what you will get to see.

You Will Enjoy Game Drives

Every safari company is different, and you will likely be able to choose from plenty of lodging and itinerary options. However, many trips have certain features in common. Many last a week or two, and you will likely be staying at several hotels or camps in total. Most of the time, you will stay a couple of nights at each location. You may end up in a luxury tent, safari lodge, or a full resort, and you will likely experience a combination of all types. You can expect to visit places with lots of different kinds of animals and climates. You could find yourself next to a river or in the desert, and you will likely spend a lot of time at parks and private reserves. Africa is an extremely diverse country, and staying at places will help you experience this diversity.

Written in partnership with Shannon Sparks