Cannes Film Festival And Champagne Telmont Partner Together For Third Year

French champagne house Champagne Telmont presents a rich history of exceptional wine reflecting the beauty of the earth. Founded by local winegrower Henri Lhôpital in 1912 in the wake of the champagne riots, the house is located in Damery, near Épernay, France. More than a century later, Telmont remains familial in its foundation yet visionary in its product and practices.

Now, for the third consecutive year, Champagne Telmont has been delightfully announced as an official supplier of the highly esteemed Cannes International Film Festival in its impressive 76th run. This continued partnership of two exceptional organizations highlights a compelling mutual fondness and the ever-growing success of the festival as well as the champagne house. Telmont’s pillars of utmost quality and uniqueness in its vintages will be showcased throughout two exceptional weeks on the Croisette with various events offering guests the opportunity to enjoy renowned champagne wines. Cannes is an opportune time for Telmont to share their “know-how and passion for the Seventh Art.”

General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, Thierry Frémaux, stated “Telmont will be by our side again this year, and that is excellent news. We know how sincere their commitment to the environment is, matching ours; and how much they want to change things. Breathing new life, and acting for the planet, that could only please us!”

Now in its fourth generation, Bertrand Lhôpital serves as Cellar Master and Head of Viticulture of the Telmont House. Following Telmont’s quintessential code of conduct: the wine will be good if the Earth is beautiful, the house earned its first AB (organic agriculture) certification in 2017 for part of its parcels. In 2021 after the acquisition of a majority stake by the Rémy Cointreau group, Telmont launched a program entitled, “In the Name of Mother Nature” with the objective to produce high-quality champagne while substantially reducing its environmental footprint.

President of Maison Telmont, Ludovic du Plessis, echoed Frémaux’s sentiment, “Between Telmont and the Cannes Film Festival, a beautiful story is being written! And being present at Cannes is a consecration for us. Thanks to the Festival for having chosen us again, and thanks for the opportunity that it provides us, by putting us at the top of the bill, to share our commitment even more widely.”

Environmental conscientiousness serves as a cornerstone of the Telmont brand with the conversion under progress to organic viticulture of 100% of its estate and the parcels of its winegrower partners, the preservation of biodiversity, and the drastic reduction of its carbon footprint. Further initiatives include the elimination of gift boxes and other packaging, reduction of bottle weight, abandonment of transparent bottles containing non-recycled glass and bottles in special formats, complete stop of air freight for bottle transport, and the use of renewable energy. Ultimately, the company aims to be Climate Positive by 2030 and Net Positive by 2050 while maintaining an ethereal, fresh, and upscale nature.