New York City to Naples, Meet Elizabeth Cinquini

Elizabeth Cinquini

Photo Credit: Erik Keller Photogrpahy

It’s a mindset, it’s who you surround yourself with, it’s your living environment, your energy, it’s all related. Once you elevate your home, you elevate your life. Meet Elizabeth Cinquini. Haute Living caught up with Naples newest interior design queen. She has officially made her move to Naples, Florida where she is building her interior design empire along the coast from Manhattan to SWFL. Catch our entire chat on all things Elizabeth below.

Haute Living: Why Naples?

Elizabeth Cinquini: After 20 years in NYC (with positions in magazines, fashion, store design, visual merchandising and interior design) — I wanted and needed a life change — I moved to Naples in 2022 to live here full-time with my husband and kids. I love the energy here. It truly is living in paradise — and most importantly, I am bringing something new to Naples — my own distinctive style of interior design with Elizabeth Cinquini Interiors, creating peaceful, inspiring, elevated homes that bring happiness and excitement to my clients.

HL: What do you love about interior design and why?

EC: I’m a dreamer. Ever since I was a child, I have believed in pursuing your dreams no matter how big and unrealistic they may seem. I love creating interiors because I believe in dreamy environments that are unique to the people living in them; I want to inspire and transport you to a truly magical place you never want to leave. Your home should rise up to greet you when you walk through the door, and it should feel personal to your life.

Photo Credit: Erik Keller Photography

HL: What are you most passionate about when it comes to your creativity and the design process?

EC: I am so grateful that I have the freedom and creativity to design beautiful, unique homes through a vision that’s distinctively mine. You cannot teach someone how to be creative — it is something that is just in you — dreaming up interiors is like breathing to me; it comes very natural and easy. I absolutely love it. I treat my clients’ projects as if each one is my own home. I take it very personally. I’m fully invested in them by creating a home they love while keeping the process simple, fun, organized and as stress-free as possible.

HL: What sets you apart from other Naples interior designers?

EC: I create unique home transformations that are authentic and curated just for my clients. I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing or have the same style. My design process infuses several different style types. To create my own version of timeless luxury, I incorporate a lot of colors, mixed metals, patterns and textures to develop interest and dimension. I want every room to be eye candy for the senses and have that subtle, unexpected “wow factor.”  If you want white walls and white furniture, I’m not your designer because I find that to be boring. Also, space planning is super important to me — determining the exact placement size and scale of every detail and how they relate to each other is a huge part of my design process. Elizabeth Cinquini Interiors creates spaces designed to inspire and transport you to a place of creativity and peace.

Photo Credit: Erik Keller Photogrpahy

HL: Coming from NYC, what type of clientele were you most focused on?

EC: I help busy professionals save time, money and stress by removing the overwhelming confusion that comes with the interior design process. I handle all the details, from space planning and design through construction to a completely furnished and decorated space. I do this so my clients can run their own businesses and hectic schedules while I run their home design projects and bring their visions to life.

HL: Who is your ideal interior design client, and why?

EC:  I love working with busy entrepreneurs and small business owners because they have an entrepreneurial mindset, they see the value in working with other creators, they value their time and other people’s time, they know how to make decisions and they invest in themselves and understand how important our living and working environments are to our happiness and productivity.

Photo Credit: Erik Keller Photogrpahy

HL: What would you say is Elizabeth Cinquini Interiors’ mission?

EC: “Our mission is to create beautiful timeless interiors using color, pattern, texture and efficient space planning, while providing a stress free design experience.   Your living space sets the tone for your entire life!  The happier you are in your space, and the more functional it is for you – the more productivity you will have, and the more efficient you will be.”

“Elevate your home. Elevate your life.”  Elizabeth Cinquini  |  |  @elizabethcinquini