Emillions Art Bring Highly Emerging Master Dario Campanile

Salvation by Dario Campanile


Marlissa Gardner, Founder of Emillions Art, has once again exhibited one of the most unique forms of art in her second floor Fifth Avenue studio. Expressions of the Spirit is her latest collection from the Italian artist, Dario Campanile. “Well known to Naples, Dario Campanile is a highly collectible artist who is able to transform the world around him,” said Marlissa Gardner. “This exhibit is a unique opportunity for collectors to witness and add to their current pieces.”

From humble beginning in Rome, Italy, Dario Campanile has emerged in the art world, embracing realism, surrealism and abstract forms creating his own style and asthetic of “Abstract Expressionism.” He has lived in the United States for the past 40 years splitting his time from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maui, and the Dolce Far Niente city that we all call home, Naples Florida.

La Strada by Dario Campanile

Campanile has over 60 years of artistic expression which has been exhibited throughout the world, featured in many publications and received countless international awards, he is unceasingly inspired by the beauty in the world and his specific journey through art. One thing led to another with Campanile when he began his work. Like most emerging artists they start off with a struggle which acts as their ability to succeed and create the masterworks they later in life become known for.

At the age of 14, the artist suffered from a kidney ailment for three months. It was during this time that his father gave him a set of oil paints to cheer him up. He painted his first still life in a short-few-days. Self-taught, he mastered the tools and his free spirit took off. His natural gifts and instincts would take him to exciting new realms.

Meeting with Salvador Dali, he was coined the “Roman Master” and De Chirico influenced his work as a painter. In 1986, Campanile was commissioned to redesign and create a new logo for Paramount Pictures, a piece of art that is iconic and has graced movie theatres worldwide .

Into the Bloom by Dario Campanile


In 2005, he was invited to participate on a project called “Missing Peace,” where he met the Dali Lama at his home in India, where he posed for a portrait exhibited in the project. After decades of painting, embracing realism, surrealism and abstract forms often combining them into his own style, Campanile’s work has evolved into a form of abstract expressionism, which is now the artist’s main focus and passion.

Located at 837 Fifth Ave. S., Suite 202, Emillions Art is a respected source for modern and old master pieces. The gallery also is well known as a purveyor of contemporary works for collectors beginning to access the art market or established collectors looking to diversify their collections. For additional information, visit www.emillionsart.com.