How Peter John Anadio Bet On Himself And An Industry

Can you guess what industry has its revenue stand at $54.93 billion through the first eleven months of 2022? That industry would be commercial gaming (casino gaming, sports betting, horse racing) and those stats are from the American Gaming Association.

The US sports betting market is one of the most lucrative and rapidly growing industries in the country. Per the Michigan Journal of Economics, “Online sports betting provides benefits to the state government through tax revenue that improves conditions of society. By implementing a new market in a state that can be taxed, the government can increase its revenue without increasing state taxes on its people. This tax revenue has been used by state governments for their general funds, social services, schooling, or statewide projects. In addition to this, the U.S. federal government has enhanced funding to social security and medicare. The tax revenue generated from sports betting has given state and federal governments larger budgets to distribute from.”

Peter John Anadio, entrepreneur and sports consultant, predicted 10 years ago when sports betting was legal in only one state, Nevada, that it would be legal everywhere very soon. Well, he wasn’t too far off. It is now operational in 33 states nationwide. Peter understood the significant economic impact it had. Most importantly, he predicted it would open up a new revenue stream for states and local governments, but it would also create thousands of new jobs and increase excitement and investment in sporting events all around the world. “I’m betting on myself and betting on an industry to boom,” Peter says.

Peter knew that this industry was going to blow up in years to come, so he started investing in it himself. Peter founded a company called Sports Bet Expert, LLC ( which sells subscriptions; daily, weekly, and monthly to sports bettors worldwide looking to gain an edge in betting on sports. Sports Bet Expert uses algorithms, analytics, data, and human thinking to generate profitable sports picks annually.

In the year 2013, Peter was working two jobs, trying to go to school, and living paycheck to paycheck with very little money saved up. He was approached by a business investor who had brought to light the company he was building. Peter was starstruck because he knew how successful this person was and the potential he could bring to the table. At the first meeting between them, Peter was offered $50k for 50% of Sports Bet Expert. After weeks of deep thought process and multiple meetings with the potential investor, Peter politely declined his offer. Sports Bet Expert is now evaluated at over $5m and generates over 7 figures a year annually. Not to mention, they have one of the highest, if not the highest client retention and success rates. Peter truly believed in himself. “I knew I had something special. I found my calling. If you believe in yourself and your work you can achieve anything. Any road bumps or stop signs that arrive. Learn from them and make the necessary changes to succeed. Flip any negative action into a positive reaction.”

In 2018 Peter expanded Sports Bet Expert into a sports social media network engaging over 45m+ views a month from avid sports lovers all around the world. Here are his pages on Instagram below:

@sbefootball @sbecollegefootball @sbehoops @sbecollegehoops @hockeycoverage @sbegolf @badfootballopinions @sportsbetexpert @sportsbetexpert2 @sbebaseball @learnsportsbetting

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