Kering Appoints Sabato De Sarno As Gucci’s New Creative Director—Here’s What To Know

After two months of rumors on who would be taking over Alessandro Michele’s position at Gucci, the wait is over. On January 28th, Kering and Gucci made the official announcement through a joint Instagram post; Sabato De Sarno, 39, will assume the role of creative director for the house.

Kering Appoints Sabato De Sarno As Gucci's New Creative Director—Here's What To KnowPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Gucci

Although some might think of him as a new name or emerging talent, De Sarno has been a silent force in the fashion industry for over a decade; he has worked in the design studios of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana before joining the design team, filling the position of design director at Valentino in 2009, where he worked closely with Pierpaolo Piccioli.

“I am delighted that Sabato will join Gucci as the House’s new Creative Director, one of the most influential roles in the luxury industry. Having worked with a number of Italy’s most renowned luxury fashion houses, he brings with him vast and relevant experience. I am certain that through Sabato’s deep understanding and appreciation for Gucci’s unique legacy, he will lead our creative teams with a distinctive vision that will help write this exciting next chapter, reinforcing the House’s fashion authority while capitalizing on its rich heritage,” reveals Marco Bizzarri, the Gucci President and CEO.

“One hundred and two years after Guccio Gucci opened his first store in Florence, Gucci remains one of the most iconic, prominent, and influential luxury houses in the world. With Sabato De Sarno at the creative helm, we are confident that the House will continue both to influence fashion and culture through highly desirable products and collections and to bring a singular and contemporary perspective to modern luxury,” notes François-Henri Pinault, the Chairman & CEO of Kering.

With immense pressure and high anticipation of what he will brand to the Italian House, Sabato De Sarno says: “I am deeply honored to take on the role of Creative Director of Gucci. I am proud to join a House with such an extraordinary history and heritage that, over the years, has been able to welcome and cherish the values I believe in. I am touched and excited to contribute my creative vision for the brand.”

De Sarno will present his debut runway collection at Milan Women’s Fashion Week in September 2023.