Entrepreneur Matt Ganzak And His Motto To Move Fast, Move Ridiculously Fast

Photo Credit: Piper Arielle

Entrepreneurship is in Matt Ganzak’s DNA. The founder of BlockShore.com sat down with Haute Living to discuss his businesses, family, success, mentorship, his love for cars, including his newest addition, the Ferrari 488 GTB, and most importantly, how he got there. Haute Living had the opportunity to learn why Matt will only “move fast, move ridiculously fast.”

Haute Living: Tell us about BlockShore and where you hope to see its success five years down the road.

Matt Ganzak: Over the last 15 years, I have created several seven and eight-figure startups and assisted in course-correcting struggling businesses. BlockShore was founded with the vision of raising capital to build technology, invest in startups, and acquire struggling businesses in a single vertical market. We believe that BlockShore has the formula for being disruptive in capturing market share in each market targeted. In five years, we should see our success reach a high valuation by capturing a large market share, starting first in eCommerce technology.

HL: Were there any specific reasons you chose the Ferrari 488 GTB?

MG: Yes! This was an interesting story, actually. My wife Sachi and I went out for dinner and a movie. Sachi was pregnant with our second child, and we were able to drop off our two-year-old with my mom for the afternoon. On the way back, we were driving past the Ferrari dealership when Sachi mentioned she had an event there the following day. I asked if I could go with her and she said no because it was a women’s luncheon. We stopped at the dealership 30 minutes before closing. We were greeted immediately by Brian Morris. He showed us the 488 GTB, which was similar to the car we had previously rented while in Rome. I told Brian, “Let’s do it. Send me the paperwork!” The next day Sachi was surprised with congratulations on her new Ferrari while at the ladies’ luncheon event. The Ferrari was a very special purchase, as I have never bought anything for myself; I’m always focused on buying things for others or reinvesting in the business. Sachi was happy that I finally bought something for myself, although I still consider the car Sachi’s “push present.”

HL: How do you juggle family and work-life balance?

MG: I work from home, so I can be here all the time. I give every bath, make every meal, read to our kids, and put them to bed every night. Over the last 15 years, I spent time traveling the world, meeting with clients, speaking at events and creating our processes that drive our businesses today. We intentionally built our lives and businesses to be able to allow for more family time by putting a world-class team in place and automating our growth through technology.

Photo Credit: Piper Arielle

HL: What to you is the greatest luxury in life, and why?

MG: Health. Being able to eat well, exercise and feel good. There’s no opportunity in life or business without your health. You absolutely need to prioritize your health, which can be a luxury. It takes more time to prepare nutritious food, which helps to create a good quality of life, but feeling good every day and rarely having any illness in our household has been priceless for us; we attribute this back to the quality of food we eat and give to our kids.

HL: What decisions did you make in your 20s and 30s to get you and your success where you are today?

MG: I made a lot of sacrifices over the years and lost a lot of friends in the process. It was difficult to say “no” to every guy’s trip, refuse late nights, and avoid all peer pressure. But my dedication and focus through my 20s and 30s have paid off. Today I don’t have to hustle and travel the world for clients like I used to; I can spend time with my family and give my kids the experience every day that they need. We are abundantly blessed, happy and living a humble family life, which in turn has attracted so many new friends and quality experiences into our lives. 

HL: Is there any advice you have for anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of achieving such great success at a uniquely young age? 

MG: Move fast. Move ridiculously fast. Don’t be over-analytical or self-doubting. For example, when I sat down to write a book a few years ago, I literally just sat down and wrote the entire book in 48 hours. It took me a few short weeks between sitting down to write the book and becoming an Amazon Bestselling Author. Since writing this book six years ago, I have created perpetual momentum based upon these three steps: have a vision, set a goal, and execute fast. Then use your watch to track time spent working on your goals, not a calendar.