One-on-One with Altha Chief Healing Officer and Founder, Letizia Silvestri

Letizia Silvestri is a luxury experiential marketer turned sound healer based in California. She previously worked in the fast-paced luxury automotive industry, planning high-end events for brands like Ferrari, Bentley, and Lamborghini for 18 years. Although Letizia adored her career, it was demanding and made her feel overworked, burned out, and exhausted. Feeling the need for a career pivot, she ventured into sound healing, which significantly helped lower her stress levels while increasing her creativity and productivity at work.

Later, during the Covid pandemic, Letizia adopted Zen, a rescue dog with a troubled past filled with abuse and neglect, leading to anxiety, fear, and many troublesome behavioral issues. After consulting numerous dog trainers and an animal behaviorist, Letizia was given two unsatisfactory options. She decided to introduce Zen to sound healing, and amazingly, he transformed into a happy dog.

Letizia became a certified sound healer and started sharing sound healing benefits with her close community. She even founded a platform, Altha, which entails a team of healers dedicated to providing a modern approach to the ancient world of sound healing. Letizia is Altha’s CEO and chief healing officer, and she has made notable achievements through the venture.

However, she discloses a few challenges she faced while exploring the sound healing world, such as self-doubt. She states, “My sound healing journey started as an experiment to help heal my dog, and then it turned out to be my passion and something I’m quite good at. I previously could not imagine that I could make a living while doing something that I love. However, I overcame it with gratitude, meditation, and intention.”

Letizia revealed that stepping out of her masculine, which involved planning, organizing, and problem-solving self, and stepping into her feminine to become an attracting and flowing self, was challenging. “To overcome this, I cultivated more self-compassion and more patience. I learned to have fun seeing things unravel themselves without needing me to push,” she says.

Letizia also lacked support from her peers. Everyone around her thought she was crazy to make such a significant career change and advised her to remain in the automotive sector. However, she stood her ground, has a new circle of supportive friends and peers and is now connected with like-minded people.

A go-getter, Letizia learned some valuable insights throughout her journey. She advises that everyone has the power to take control of their mental health. To achieve this, she explained there are intuitive and easy-to-learn tools that can help people soothe themselves, their pets, and their children.

 “Burnout is not okay and should not be seen as normal. It is possible to get out of the hamster wheel and start living life fully and joyfully! Also, healing is an ongoing part of life, and we are always evolving and growing students. Lastly, always check in with yourself and ask; is this aligned with me? Does it bring me joy? If not, pass on it – it is okay to say NO to anything that does not resonate with you,” she adds.

Altha’s CEO has many aspirations for her business. She hopes to lead a sound bath at the Hollywood Bowl, the Disney Hall, and the new Academy for Motion Pictures globe structure. However, Letizia dreams of having an Altha Club, where members can attend a bespoke wellness experience at a different venue and with other healing modalities every month.

Written in partnership with Runway Influence