Voyaging into the Future: Navier Boat Announces Reveal Launch for America’s First-Ever Electric Hydrofoiling Boat with Media Partner Haute Living

Marking a revolution in the meaning of maritime travel, Navier Boat gears up to launch the vessel of the future. With media partner Haute Living, the innovative boat crafter will host an invite-only, reveal launch event for its groundbreaking N30 hydrofoil electric sea vessel during Art Basel Miami, on December 2, 2022, a highly relevant placement for the marine masterpiece. 

Any artist knows the most impactful pieces don’t need to beg for attention, and the N30 is no different. With capability that speaks for itself, the design, testing, and build phases of the vessel have operated quietly under the eyes of skilled craftsmen from a number of fields, until now. Navier is ready to reveal to the world its trailblazing boat of the future, one that is 90% more efficient than existing power boats and packs a punch with 2-3x more range. 

Celebrating this new chapter in sea travel, the Navier invite-only event will boast an exclusive reveal of the N30’s extensively innovative features and abilities, as well as technical specifications and components. The event marks a turning point for an otherwise stagnant legacy industry with little modernization, making the affair particularly alluring to enthusiasts. Navier, in partnership with Haute Living, will welcome boat lovers, ocean enthusiasts, interested buyers, and industry experts from around the world for a voyage to the modern edge. 

Commenting on the partnership, Kamal Hotchandani, Haute Media Group CEO says, “Sustainability is the roadmap to the future and we are honored to be aligned with such a visionary project such as Navier”

Along this journey, guests will learn just what it takes to make a vessel before its time. Combining electric power, hydrofoil capabilities, and intelligent autopilot features that break from the norm and deliver a radically modern boating experience, the N30 is America’s first-ever electric hydrofoil boat, and it has the longest range and power of any sea vessel of its kind. 

Navier was conceived from an ambitious mission to make our waterways as accessible as our roadways. Not only does its revolutionary watercraft promise greater speed, utility, and performance to set out on high seas like never before, its luxurious and sustainable craftsmanship makes the N30 a boat of the future, with no compromise. 

The company’s founder, Sampriti Bhattacharyya, explains the conception of the craft with the very passion that made it possible, “We’re rethinking the boat from the ground up–with software at the core–enabling us to deliver a vessel that is highly differentiated on customer experience and performance (efficiency) while ensuring we free our lakes and oceans from fossil fuel pollutants. N30 is truly the boat of the future…With a smooth ride quality and no seasickness and 10x cheaper operational costs, the N30 platform opens up opportunities in waterborne transportation that were never possible before.” 

To explore the groundbreaking N30 or request an invitation to the reveal launch, visit navierboat.com