Travel Founders Reveal What Makes Their Page Stand Out On Social Media

One of the most recognizable names in the international travel industry is now Zak Longo and Mayur Patil. The duo started one of the biggest travel communities online. The duo runs an Instagram and TikTok page called @Travel, where they post videos from different places around the world. The page has generated a lot of attention among internet users since it was founded in 2010.

@Travel began in 2010 on Instagram and currently has 475k followers. In 2018, it debuted on TikTok and currently has 10k followers. But @Travel’s popularity on Snapchat is quite remarkable. The page was started in 2021 and currently has 1.2 Million subscribers on Snapchat. Over 500 million people view the @Travel pages monthly as a whole.

The reason the @Travel page was established was to encourage people to travel, even if it was only virtually. Zak and Mayur created @Travel as a way to share their passion for travel. Additionally, the development of social media made it simpler to show the world the wonders of the world. The popularity of several previously unknown locations has increased thanks to @Travel’s growth in recent years.

The videos shared on @Travel on Instagram receive thousands of likes and views. It helps people decide where they want to take their next holiday. From beaches to the best cafes, everything is covered on the page. Whenever Zak and Mayur take a holiday themselves, even they keep the followers updated with places to stay, eat and explore.

When @Travel founders Zak Longo and Mayur Patil were asked what makes their page stand out, they shared, “Our pages stand out from others because of the curated content we feature, and the incredible creators we are affiliated with. Our pages are also unique because we are @Travel. @Travel is the most valuable and sought-after social media handle in the travel industry. The hashtag #Travel has over 2 billion views across all social platforms!”

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