Runway Waiters, a Luxury Agency for Premium Staffing and Model Waiters

Some organizations are very busy with their work schedules and may not have adequate time to perform recruitment and selection processes. Thus, most are turning to staff agencies that provide temporary workers or candidates for temp-to-hire arrangements. Irrespective of the employment nature, there are certain benefits to employers’ use of staffing agencies. This includes proficiency, cost, availability of workers, and employee retention.

Runway Waiters is a luxury event staffing agency that offers high fashion models skilled in bartending, serving, model catering, brand promoting, and hosting upscale events, store openings, and private parties. The company aims to provide exceptional staff for a wide range of events. Whether a client is putting together a business convention, a film premiere, or an art gallery opening, Runway Waiters recognizes the importance of having dignified and outgoing staff as the face of your high-profile events. They understand that the people working at your event are a reflection of who you are, so the team has designed the organization around that concept.

Providing luxury event staffing in New York and beyond require Runway Waiters to only employs top models who have signed with agencies and have advanced knowledge and experience in the catering and hospitality industry. They work with internationally recognized brands like Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Versace, YSL, Fendi, Armani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and many more. Runway Waiters is also the first company in the world to offer agency-signed high fashion models as catering staff, model bartenders, promotional models, and brand ambassadors for high-level clientele and A-1 event companies.

Runway Waiters was founded by Ernest Sturm and has been operating as the top choice and best model event staffing agency in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami since its inception. They are proud of the notable accomplishments they have made so far. Ernest states, “Runway Waiters has worked with companies that include but are not limited to distinguished events surrounding NYFW, Sundance Film Festival, Miami Art Basel, Coachella, the Emmys, the Grammys, and Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. We have worked for special celebrity occasions, luxury hotel openings, fundraisers in the Hamptons, and car unveilings for exclusive brands like Rolls Royce and Maserati. Moreover, we have been hired for multimillion-dollar real estate listings for private viewings, client meetings, and open houses.”

Earnest’s advice is to never stop despite your situation. “Never stop! We are always learning and coming up with ways to be better,” he declares. He hopes that when the models stop working events with the company, they will have learned how to be better than they were, both professionally and personally, in different areas of their life. Runway Waiters also incorporates and indirectly teaches their staff customer service and common sense.

The Runway Waiters’ CEO shares the challenges they encountered at the beginning. “Model agencies were not comfortable hiring out their models to work for us as servers and bartenders. However, they quickly discovered we did not take them away from their modeling careers. In fact, the opposite happened. Opportunities blossom by having their models surrounding themselves in the world of high-end events where they would meet executives, photographers, brand owners, casting directors, etc., among other advantages.”

Runway Waiters hopes to extend its services worldwide and ultimately be the go-to company for all high-end events and the model staffing agency for any events requiring models. “We aspire to become synonymous with model staffing. We want to be the only company that both models and event professionals think about when they need models for events,” Earnest concludes.

Written in partnership with Runway Influence