Rolls-Royce Cullinan Sets the Stage for Western Film, The Gunslinger

Introducing western film’s newest star: Rolls Royce’s 2022 Black Badge Cullinan. Making its debut, the Rolls-Royce fulfilled its starring role in ‘The Gunslinger’ as the “all-powerful stagecoach.” The film sought out a commercial standpoint promoting the world’s most modern and luxurious SUV by highlighting it as a central character, intriguing viewers with an unexpected automotive twist. 

Produced by Los Angeles-based production company, Valkyr Productions, and directed by Jeremy Heslup, the filmmakers saw this ingenious opportunity as one that would create an immense juxtaposition. The goal was to introduce new ways the car could be used with a purpose and they expressed just that. With the car’s bold, luxurious presence against the adverse disparity in the West, the car stands out even more than it already does with the brand’s rich history and model’s modern design. 

Like any western film, The Gunslinger contained each stereotypical character and a very stereotypical storyline. The film is set during the midst of a bank heist, when a dead shot gunslinger makes it his mission to rescue the besieged frontier town. The mysterious man in black is unable to be caught and escapes with the town’s last vestiges of wealth. Luckily, a saloon girl is brave enough to team up with the gunslinger to chase down the villainous gang in order to recover the town’s last hope of prosperity. However, it takes a turn when the “all-powerful stagecoach” comes into play. Characters from hundreds of years ago must have reacted to the vehicle of the modern-day future and soon saw their plot revolving around it.

The cast was led by Ant Man’s talented Claudine Quadrat as Isabel, the true gunslinger undercover as a saloon girl, Jarret Worley as the Gunslinger, Joe Wayne as the Man in Black, and Cory Birkenbuel as the Second in Command. The four-day production was strategically shot by Director of Photography, Joe Victorine at Yellowstone Film Ranch, home to Murder at Yellowstone, and The Old Way, along with other surrounding locations of Paradise Valley. The film has already seen success as it has been nominated for awards including the Best Drama Short Category for the 2022 International Motor Film Awards.