2CELLOS Star HAUSER Sounds Off On His Solo Release, “The Player”

HauserPhoto Credit: Roger Rich

Today, global artist HAUSER releases his captivating new solo full-length album The Player via Sony Music Masterworks, available here.  On his new album, the critically acclaimed Croatian cellist brings his dazzling virtuosity to the world of Latin pop and jazz, unveiling new dimensions of the extraordinary musicality he originally displayed as a founding member of 2Cellos.

A bold departure from the quiet splendor of his 2020 solo debut Classic, a #1 hit on Billboard’s Traditional Classical Albums chart, The Player arrives as HAUSER’s most re-inventive body of work to date. “Because so much music is artificially made these days, I wanted to highlight real musicians while creating a unique sound that brings something new to each song,” he says. To that end, HAUSER shaped the album’s lush and brass-heavy arrangements with the help of producer Steven Mercurio (a conductor/composer who’s also worked with the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Chick Corea, Andrea Bocelli and Sting), and enlisted the illustrious Czech National Symphony Orchestra for every track.

Revered around the world for his captivating live performance, HAUSER has already hit the stage in over 40 countries across the planet (including historic venues like New York City’s Radio City Music Hall and London’s Royal Albert Hall) and performed alongside such wide-ranging acts as Andrea Bocelli, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Elton John. He also performed at this year’s 79th Venice International Film Festival, opening the final evening’s awards and has even performed at the Vatican.

Here, we chatted with the handsome Croatian cellist about his latest effort, which debuts today, and its departure in sound from 2Cellos.

Hauser Photo Credit: Olaf HeineWith your recent music releases, you’ve re-imagined music from Latin legends like Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. Can you share more about your love for Latin-music and explain how these artists have inspired your own career?

My love for Latin music comes from the love for this type of exciting music that makes people want to dance and party. I love the passion that artists such as Ricky Martin and JLo have to create these exciting tracks that make people want to dance and party. Music is about making people feel good and enjoy the moment and this is an inspiration for me because that is what I want to do by sharing my cello music with the world.

The new album has influences from all kinds of music: jazz, salsa, pop, rock. How did you make that choice? And where’s the country? Is that coming?

Well I began my musical career playing strictly classical music. My first experience outside of the classical genre was with pop music from Michael Jackson. Since then, I have ventured further and further outside of classical music to touch base with all different genres of music, so country could very well be coming! My choice to do Latin music came from my admiration of Latin artists who put so much passion and effort into their music to create upbeat music that makes people dance and feel good.

Your music has also been described as having “beach party vibes.” Can we find you on the dancefloor? If so, where? And what song always gets you moving?

I have been known to get down on the dancefloor once in a while. But almost always, if I am dancing and moving, it will be with the cello in my hands and the music leading the way. I have many different songs that get me moving. Classical music is what I take with me on my daily walks. More upbeat music, from Michael Jackson, Elvis, JLo, Shakira, to name just a few, is what you will see my dancing on occasion.

How do you feel your solo career is a departure from 2CELLOS? What can fans look forward to with the new music?

We as 2CELLOS have done what we set out to do. We have broken the typical stereotype that surrounds the cello as a strictly classical instrument and it is time for us to take our separate journeys in life. Now, as HAUSER, fans can look forward to more madness, more exciting music, and more adventures with the cello. I want to create parties with the cello that the world has never even thought possible and I want to spread and share the beautiful sound of the cello with the world. Fans can expect the unexpected, because even I don’t know what to expect from myself.

HauserPhoto Credit: Norbert Baksa

What’s one highlight from your time in the studio creating The Player?

The highlights for The Player was when we were shooting the videos for the album. All the musicians gather and bring together their talents to bring the album to life and create the beautiful music.

What’s one thing you hope fans take away from the new album?

The joy that comes from the music. The past couple years have been filled with tough times and my goal is to bring joy, happiness, and dance back into people’s lives and help them forget about those times. I hope that my album refreshes people and makes them want to dance and feel the full beauty of life.

You’ve traveled the world as a performer… What are your favorite travel destinations and why? Any hotel recommendations?

This is a really hard question to answer. I have been to many beautiful places around the world with breathtaking locations. However, I would say my absolute favorite would be Maldives. It is just such a relaxing and beautiful place. The beach, the sand, the sound of the waves, it gives you a much needed break from reality and makes the stress of work melt away. I always have a great time when I visit and I shoot many videos while I am there and it never feels like work when I am there. It is just such a pleasurable time.

Anything you must always have in your suitcase?

My headphones, my phone, and of course my clothes!

HauserPhoto Credit: Olaf Heine

What’s one item you always travel with that reminds you of home?

My cello, of course, as it reminds me most of my home and the times I used to spend hours and hours home alone practicing.

Your music is meant to inspire, you say “the cello is the universal language.” Can you expand on that?

No matter where in the world I play, I can see the music of the cello having a profound effect on those who are listening. I meet fans from all over the world who don’t necessarily speak the same language as me, but they have connected with me because of the music of the cello. It is truly a beautiful and powerful thing and that is why I always say that music is a language without boundaries.

What’s next for HAUSER? What can fans look forward to in the live shows for The Player?

The concerts we are planning for my new album The Player are going to be a wild party. I want to show fans everything and take my audience on a journey through music. In my concerts I will touch upon everything from Classical music to pop, and latin music. Fans that know me for my classical music will also get to experience my other musical genres and vice versa. My concerts will be a celebration of music, a party for my fans, and a unique display of the versatility of the cello.

HauserPhoto Credit: Roger Rich