We Know How Eleanor Feels… But Is “Never Have I Ever” Star Ramona Young Team Paxton Or Team Ben?

Ramona YoungPhoto Credit: Riker Brothers

Photo credit: Riker Brothers
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Never have I ever… spoken to Never Have I Ever star Ramona Young. You should know the drill! Young, who plays ‘Eleanor’ on Mindy Kalings hit Netflix series, is set to return for her  third season on August 12. The hit series was also recently renewed for a fourth and (sob) final season.

Young has quickly become one to watch in both television and film with breakout roles in Blockers, Z Nation, and as a fan favorite in Netflix’s comedy Santa Clarita Diet. In 2018, she joined the DC universe in CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and caught the attention of superhero fans as she appeared as Mona Wu in two seasons of the CW action series. Earlier this year, Ramona starred in SXSW film The Prank opposite Rita Moreno.

Born in San Gabriel, Calif., Young spent much of her childhood on the move. In her early years she traveled often between Hong Kong and California as it was important to her mom and grandmother that she knew both Chinese and English fluently. At the age of five, her mother joined the Navy and Ramona traveled with her wherever she went, resulting in living in several different states and attending more than 40 schools over the years. Always the new kid, she enjoyed the chance moving gave her to be a different person each time.

Eventually the novelty of moving wore off, Ramona decided to move from Utah back to California to pursue her dream of being an actor, she booked her first role as a co-star on ABC’s Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson.

With the desire to have a voice in the entertainment world, Ramona learned how to write screenplays and began writing and directing her own short films, on top of attending acting class every day of the week. Her hard work and dedication has paid off as Ramona began booking roles consistently. And now, let’s chat about her breakout role — and what viewers can expect from NEIE’s upcoming season.

Ramona YoungPhoto Credit: Riker Brothers

It seems from behind the scenes posts that the cast of NHIE has such a close bond. Did you all bond immediately? Who are you closest to from the set and why?

I know this is going to sound so crazy but we just all instantly clicked. I think everyone came on the show so excited and happy we got to do this. We bonded immediately which doesn’t happen all the time!

Can you share an example of the kind of bonding you guys do off-set?

I don’t even know where to start, there were a lot of dinners and hang outs and FaceTime.

What’s in store for Eleanor during season 3?

I feel like Eleanor is really maturing! She’s still dramatic and flamboyant, but she’s overcoming her obstacles with sophistication and I’m incredibly proud of her!

Ramona YoungPhoto Credit: Riker Brothers

How much day-to-day contact do you have with Mindy Kaling? What has she taught you about acting/delivery?

She’s such a big part of our show and she teaches us so much through her writing and visits on set!

Are you Team Paxton or Team Ben, now that Ben has evolved?

I thought I was Team Paxton? I don’t know anymore, I can’t decide! I do love that Ben has always been there since Day 1.

You are passionate about writing and creating your own stories. Has that always been a goal of yours?

I think so! I wasn’t sure if I felt it was possible but I feel inspired now more than ever.

Ramona YoungPhoto Credit: Riker Brothers

What does it mean to you to play a wide rang of characters in film & TV?

It’s my favorite thing to be able to explore and play a range of characters. To me, it’s just fun, it’s creative, and it’s a learning process.

How have you navigated your role in AAPI representation on screen? What would you like to see changed?

I think just being present on people’s television says a lot. I just want there to be more roles available. Roles that are exciting and interesting for the AAPI community.

Ramona YoungPhoto Credit: Riker Brothers

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