Summer Essentials: Hottest Brands of 2022

  1. Intelligent Change

Launched in 2013, Intelligent Change, the creators of “The Five Minute Journal”, which has sold 1.7+ million copies worldwide, has pioneered the way we approach our personal growth to happier and more fulfilling lives, redefining the essence of balance and the importance of self-care through simple, straight-forward strategies. The company is on a mission to help 1% of the global population create a positive change in their lives. As a global resource for achieving the best version of yourself, Intelligent Change propels a “less is more” lifestyle through the use of its simple and effective tools. This movement believes in personal growth with a purpose, which is why they are committed to clean practice that includes the use of Shiro Echo carbon neutral, 100% recycled, biodegradable, and FSC™ certified paper by Favini. Heralded by the likes of Emma Watson, Lily Collins, and Camila Mendes, it’s easy to see why this simplistic, science-based approach to self-care makes so much noise. Guided journaling is but one method that Intelligent Change does so well, so as our summer continues in full swing, it’s important that we keep ourselves accountable and make room for more moments of gratitude that deserve a journal entry. Be sure to also check out their new Mindful Affirmations and Let’s Get Closer games, and use the code IAMHAPPY on to enjoy 15% off.

 2. Miami Sample

There’s a better way to shop, and with Miami Sample, the online sample-sale powerhouse, sourcing your favorite brands at unbeatable prices never felt so good. Officially launched in March of 2020, Miami Sample is driven by Bree Feibischoff, a veteran of the sample sale circuits and a dynamite deal enthusiast. After relocating from New York to Miami just before the pandemic, Bree noticed a gap in the city’s affinity for leading brands and a market for quality sample sales. After navigating the hurdles that came with COVID-19, Miami Sample established itself as a digital renaissance in sample sale markets, becoming the first of its kind to offer top-shelf products at a fraction of the cost. With Miami Sample, consumers are granted access to some of the best names in the business like Barefoot Dreams and Selkie. Gone are the days of waiting in line for hours at pop-up sales, or having ten tabs open on your computer scrambling for the best deal. Miami Sample is a one-stop shop for a rotating selection of premium products that range from small business charm to big brand energy at the cheapest prices you can find, effectively ushering in a new era of sustainable shopping that reduces waste and enhances our shopping experiences ten-fold. Hit that piñata, it’s bound to surprise you.

3. Paradyce Clothing

Paradyce Clothing is a colorful purveyor of modern streetwear that’s comfortable, durable, and gushing with personality. The fashion label draws inspiration from globetrotting experiences that share common ground on memory making and finding your own oasis. No matter where we are in the world, the landscapes will most certainly change, but our drive to explore and ignite our authenticity remains consistent. Paradyce deals in plushy sweatshirts, shorts, sandals, and duffle bags, pairing explosive imagery with functional utility. The label offers a vibrant backdrop for consumers to express themselves while easily adopting a vagabond identity that’s loud and proud. Paradyce is playfully known as a “cut, sew, and paint company”, tipping a cap to their instinctual creativity and the nostalgia of dabbling in arts and crafts as a kid. At its core, Paradyce strives to bring people together over a shared vision of artistry and self-expression, acknowledging that while we all come from different corners of the globe, our individuality is of a different world.

4. Connected Apparel

Connected Apparel is what happens when a community comes together and builds a fashion empire rooted in quality. After dealing in the clothing industry for decades, Jay Balaban, founder of Connected Apparel, launched his own label in 2000 with the intent of supplying quality garments to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. The identity of Connected Apparel comes from Balaban’s extensive network of followers generated over years of entrepreneurship, as well as the company’s rich family-run history. Throughout its growth and development, Connected Apparel has remained the gold standard in quality dresses and garments that stand the test of time and flatter any and all who embrace its cosmopolitan flare. The company’s silhouettes are cut for every kind of woman and their website reintroduces the pleasures of shopping as we remember them before the age of online retail. Connected Apparel goes the extra mile to make shopping a tailored experience, offering beautifully designed packaging and custom, compelling notecards with every purchase. The company’s website demonstrates its commitment to quality and some of its most dynamic collaborations, including that of Lawrence Zarian, fashion, and makeup expert and TV personality. The summer season calls for an unrivaled dress collection, and with Connected Apparel in tow, your favorite pieces are sure to flatter year-round. Plus, get 20% off their entire Summer Collection with code HAUTESUMMER until August 31, 2022.

5. Naked Nutrition

Founded in 2014, Stephen Zieminski, cross country, and track All-American established the Naked Nutrition movement in response to deceptive market offerings for health supplements. The products he was using weren’t as transparent as they claimed to be, so Zieminski set out to clear the cobwebs and redefine the essence of holistic wellness. Naked Nutrition deals in the bare essentials, reducing our consumption of vitals to the basics that build out maximum results, with over 50 unique items in stock that target specific areas of wellness, from whey and vegan proteins (sourced from grass-fed California cattle and raw yellow peas, respectively) to dietary supplements and pre-workout support. Through aggressive leadership and clean, traceable marketing, Naked Nutrition has fostered a community of ambitious climbers who seek elevated success in their wellness routines, hold the fluff. Naked Nutrition’s goal goes beyond supply+demand, as they’ve built out a robust presence online that supplies healthy recipes, workout regimes, and tips and tricks of the trade to push yourself and others around you. To make things easier, Naked Nutrition also provides a quiz tailored to your unique fitness goals, streamlining the process so you can get to work. With a bombastic product line leading the future of fitness, Naked Nutrition is teaching us to hold ourselves accountable and expect better, because we deserve better.

6. Miss Diamond Ring

No diamond dealer sparkles as bright as Miss Diamond Ring, a Beverly Hills oasis for those seeking a more tailored experience when finding the perfect treasure. Officially launched in August of 2017, Miss Diamond Ring is the brainchild of Michelle Demaree, a veteran of the diamond industry amassing over ten years of experience with names like Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, and Tiffany & Co. Driven by a desire to provide an elevated shopping experience for her clients, Demaree utilizes her expertise to offer white glove service with unbeatable pricing, ensuring your next diamond glimmers with purpose. Miss Diamond Ring has been revered by the New York Times, Forbes, and Modern Luxury for its bespoke selection of stones and crystals that offer something a little extra, as with their “Diamonds With Soul” collection, which called for setting intentions and manifesting the highest vibrations with each piece. Demaree’s global network positions her as a leading authority in quality and cut, ensuring that clients are given the finest direction and counsel when shopping for their next piece. Women know what women want, and with her sharp eye for detail and lovelorn luxury, Demaree and Miss Diamond Ring remain a cut above the rest.

7. Trillest Sportswear

Based out of the small but mighty town of Hattiesburg, MS, Trillest Sportswear is the latest and greatest addition to street fashion and quality fabrics that put the ‘fun’ in functional design. Trillest founder and CEO, LaSpencia Brown, holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi, where she frequently spearheaded t-shirt designs for her sorority sisters and other members of Greek life. Putting her background in IT to work, Brown has pioneered a fresh take on classic shapes and silhouettes that ring loud and proud in their mission to spark authenticity in ourselves, reminding us to be better than we were yesterday and never stop climbing. Trillest supplies dynamic cuts and concepts that belong in the winner’s circle, and Brown draws inspiration from her years as an athlete in high school to craft compelling streetwear that’s fit for everyone, everywhere. Having only just launched in 2020, Trillest has covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, proving that self-made success and small-town charm pack quite a punch in the right hands. Trillest recently opened up its first flagship retail store inside the Turtle Neck Mall in Hattiesburg, where shoppers can browse an extensive selection in-person as well as online.

8. SAPE Wear       

The French fashion label, SAPE, pulls inspiration from the raw authenticity of the streets of Paris, serving up sharp, chic, and ultra-modern silhouettes that speak to a new generation of creatives. Introduced in 2020, SAPE has routinely procured captivating collections that are simplistic in design but carry a snap of attitude in their monochromatic and special pattern palettes. The company offers bob hats and caps, track jackets, sleeveless down jackets, and smaller accessories like pins and enamel statement pieces. Online, SAPE exudes a dreamy, albeit static, a lifestyle that’s built for the adventure-seeker, targeting young professionals seeking an elevated opportunity for self-expression. The European label is a cool breath of air in the middle of the summer season, where patterns and textiles often scream to be heard. SAPE remains calm and collected in its subtle majesty, providing a space for streetwear to grow and expand beyond the typical parameters. The streets of Paris are iconic by themselves, and with SAPE dressing for your next outing, you’re bound to become a piece of the spectacle.

 9. Marcozo

It seems there are plenty of choices on the market for women’s jewelry, but where do the men go for statement pieces that speak directly to their style? In 2015, Marcozo entered the arena, and the landscapes for quality jewelry geared towards a more masculine demographic have never been the same. Marcozo deals in bold designs with a recognizably Old World zeal to them, drawing inspiration from ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Much like the gladiators that conquered their biggest fears, Marcozo exudes a steel-plated confidence in their collections that feel indomitable, reminding us to lead by example and stay loyal to our principles. The brand’s official motto, “Build an Empire, Create a Legacy, Make History” carries a lot of weight, but the mythical qualities of their pieces permeate aerial transparency that gives wings to our deepest determinations. All of Marcozo’s designs are crafted with genuine 18k gold, measuring 7 microns, which is significantly more durable than their counterparts. Based out of Toronto, Marcozo is changing the game for men’s jewelry, supplying the premium quality that spans a dynasty. The faded glory of sun-kissed gold is archaic by nature, but Marcozo ignites a level of majesty and might in their designs that seem to shine even at night. 

10. Marrakech Shop Design

Officially launched in 2018, Marrakech Shop Design is the LA-based lifestyle brand that offers handmade, artisanal goods lovingly crafted in Morocco. The brand brings an international, cosmopolitan flare to its products while retaining the integrity of authentic craftsmanship, ensuring that all of its designs are true to form and represent the traditional practices of local, Moroccan creativity. Fadil Bourkouli, Marrakech Shop Design’s founder, spent years as a professional designer around the USA before launching a brand that gives something back to the community, striving to provide a platform where marginalized groups can showcase their craftsmanship to the world. Marrakech Shop Designs also runs a unique training program, in which women and youth at risk are given the opportunity to learn embroidery and apply their knowledge to professional endeavors. Marrakech Shop Design makes a point to sew the world together one stitch at a time, and their fine wares reflect the company’s commitment to quality and authenticity. In addition to handbags, Marrakech Shop Design also specializes in shoes, blankets, and other home accessories, sprinkling a bit of Moroccan warmth into any space.

11. Playground

Ultramodern fabrics that yield optimal performance is the driving force behind Playground, the New York-based activewear brand. Women-owned and operated, Playground is the passion project of Amy Resnik and Jill Weinberg, best friends since childhood and trailblazers of 1970s NYC attitude. Both women paved their paths in fashion and merchandising for decades before embarking on an entrepreneurial chapter together, launching Playground with the intention of inspiring a more playful approach to everyday living. The brand supplies premium leggings, bike shorts, capris, tanks, and sweatshirts, offering top-tier quality garments with elevated luxe allure. Made in Los Angeles and sustainably sourced, all of Playground’s pieces are carefully designed from Amy and Jill’s background in fashion, resulting in compelling apparel that looks as good as it feels. With bold colors and true-to-form silhouettes, Playground inspires the everyday woman to play harder and live better while turning a few heads in the process. As G.B. Shaw once said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

12. Babe Original

Initially launched as Babe Lash in 2013, Babe Original is the affordable revamped iteration of this beauty brand making waves in their communities by dealing a double dose of confidence with every kiss. Since its founding almost ten years ago, Babe Original has excelled in supplying a product that speaks to every demographic, reminding us that true beauty burns from within and shines on the outside. Their arsenal of cruelty-free tools of the trade includes Babe Lash, Babe Glow, and Babe Brow, all of which seek to enhance the best parts of ourselves through transparency and clean artistry. In this case, clean beauty simply means free of deception, as Babe Original’s performance-based palette brings results and gives you exactly what you asked for. In June, Babe Original introduced a selection of their beauty brigade into over 240 Walmart locations across the country, taking space in the retailer’s BeautySpaceNK department. Babe Original serves as the people’s cosmetic choice, offering an array of products that work for everyone, everywhere, and for every price point. Earlier this year, the company significantly cut pricing in response to follower feedback on social media, where much of their decision-making takes inspiration. Affordable, adaptable, and busting with attitude, Babe Original remains the best choice for highlighting your inner allure.

13. Rave Or Sleep

The California-based EDM outfit, Rave Or Sleep, supplies premium collections of stylish threads built specifically for movement and showing off your best cuts when the bass drops. Born from a collective of ravers and fashion enthusiasts, Rave Or Sleep is the premiere authority in festival attire and making a statement at the next EDM demonstration. The lifestyle brand celebrates the sparkle and shine that glows brightest on summer nights dancing with your squad to your favorite tunes, reminding us all to look as good as we feel whether we’re raving until sunrise or winding down from the weekend. Rave Or Sleep officially came into fruition in 2016 after an impressionable party in Ibiza, Spain. Since its inception, the company has posted up at numerous parties and festivals to celebrate music and good times, standing as the first destination when sourcing quality-made rave attire. The brand supplies an expansive collection of clothing and accessories for all walks of life that remind us to let loose and feel the music, and if you’re searching for the perfect co-pilot to set the vibes on your next rave, just show Rave Or Sleep where the party is.

14. Rootless Clothing

By harnessing the strength and versatility of mother earth, Rootless Clothing has already built itself a foundational forest of cutting-edge apparel that serves a passionate demographic of functional fashion, and they’re just getting started. Based out of Germany, the concept of Rootless was established as early as 2012 when Thorsten Weingaertner, founder and CEO, united his love for the outdoors and stylish utility through an existing camper manufacturing brand. Rootless embodies the formidable force of nature through sleek design and athletic, wearable garments that drive an unconventional lifestyle peppered with adventure and a little bit of attitude. Their debut collection, “Rules Breed Rebels”, defines a new millennium of urban wear, sporting a monochromatic swath of essential pieces that work well on the stage, street, or in the mountains. Along with compelling threadwork, Rootless supplies striking gear like gym bags, watches, and even shoes, to support the next conquest. As a reflection of their namesake, Rootless is laying tracks to introduce NFTs and a digital collection to their catalog, fully embracing the vagabond grit of writing your own story. Rootless aims to champion freedom seekers who inhabit unique quarters of society, driven by a passion for fashion and a need to defy archaic systems.

15. Il Bagliore

Making the list once more, Il Bagliore continues to please those worldwide by prioritizing the efficacy of their professionally crafted formulas such as the popular Manuka Honey Cleanser. Infused with manuka honey concentrate, willow bark salicylic, and pro-vitamin b5, this anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial concoction moisturizes irritated skin, successfully prevents acne, and maintains the durability of our outer skin’s protective barrier. Developed by Founder and CEO Anne Visconti-Cajigas, Il Bagliore is strongly backed by decades of experience in the skincare world and proudly draws inspiration from its Italian roots. It’s not surprising to see the company’s steady upward trajectory; what’s surprising is we’re only hearing about it now. Knowing skincare can seem intimidating, even confusing, Il Bagliore offers a short yet effective “Glow Quiz” on their website allowing you to filter through the distractions and receive educated recommendations on what product is best for you!

Written in partnership with Ascend