The Hautest Shows From Miami Fashion Week This Year

As the week-long events come to a close, it’s hard to not reminisce on all the fabulous couture that shined on the Miami Fashion Week runways. This year MIAFW took to pushing sustainability in the fashion industry. Through the use of sustainable venues in the city of Miami, MIAFW was able to make its vision come to life in support of its overall mission. To tie in sustainability and the current time of year, summer, fashion designers Missioni, Benito Santos, Angel Sanchez, Ágatha Ruiz De La Prada, Rene by RR, and Naeem Khan took presenting the bright, airy and classy vibe very seriously. And based on the impeccable presentation of the must-wear pieces I saw, I can confidently say they successfully completed their task.


Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Week

Rain or shine, Missoni intertwined its runway into the breathtaking Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. As the night moved on and the storm moved past, fashion icons, celebrities, and notable guests, sat ready to preview the Missoni “Womenswear Summer Collection.” From the moment the eccentric music began and the models began to walk, viewers both in-person and online were hit with vibrant bathing suits, sexy cover-ups, and classic rompers that were all comprised of the classic tightly woven zigzag pattern Missoni will forever be known for. 

Benito Santos

As Gary Nader Art Center is the largest Latin American Art gallery in the world, it makes perfect sense as to why they hosted not one but four Miami Fashion Week events. As Nader himself continues to be a catalyst in transforming Miami into a major cultural destination it was an absolute honor for the imposing spaces of the museum to give life to the runway for the return of MIAFW. 

Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Week

Leading MIAFW at Gary Nader Art Museum was hip designer Benito Santos who presented his “María Mía” collection inspired by Mexican women who are commonly wearing “Mexican Rebozo.” A rebozo is a long flat garment, similar to a shawl, with patterns and designs that can be worn in various ways. In tribute to the rebozo from Santa María del Río in San Luis Potosí, Santos’s pieces were designed in fame of the pieces.

Angel Sanchez

Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Week After his three-year hiatus from runway shows, Venezuelan evening wear and bridal gown designer Angel Sanchez returns to Miami Fashion Week presenting an array of unique styles and designs. Paying homage to the women who wear his creations, Sanchez created distinct items that further imposed elegant and sophisticated dressing while maintaining a timeless couture feel. The show was held at the Gary Nader Art Center, which was a huge plus to Sanchez and the overall liveliness of the runway. As pictured above, Sanchez projected Botero’s immersive work to give life to the runway. 

Ágatha Ruiz De La Prada

Photo Credit: New York Style Guide

Globally known Spanish fashion designer, Ágatha Ruiz De La Prada literally went to the moon and back for her return to the Miami Fashion Week runway. Did you see the shooting stars and bright suns that were meticulously placed on her colorful pieces? The show held at Gary Nader Art Center was joined by incredible pieces of art and good vibes, calling for guests to break it down and sign along with models making for a fantastic time. 

Rene by RR

Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Week

Going into the show, I knew there was no way that Miami legend Rene Ruiz would disappoint in his own hometown. And I was right. The Rene by RR collection successfully combined luxury and culture giving an overall international twist to the pieces. His luxuriously designed pieces were almost too perfectly in unison with Gary Nader Art Center’s extensive international artwork.

Naeem Khan

Photo Credit: Miami Fashion Week

There aren’t enough adjectives to possibly describe the talent of fashion designer Naeem Khan. Closing off the week of sustainability empowered shows on a high note, Khan previewed his dazzling collection of pieces at the Frost Museum of Science. Taking place at the base of the world-renowned Planetarium, the fashion show began on cue of whale vocalizations and continued with high beat tunes to match the flow of the outstandingly dressed models.