Laz Alonso Dishes On Dominating The Latest Season Of “The Boys”

Laz AlonsoPhoto Credit: Jennifer Cooper

Laz Alonso is just one of the boys, and proud of it. The Howard University grad currently is starring in the Emmy nominated Amazon series The Boys  as Mother’s Milk — and this season, which premiered on June 3, his character is the focus. We chatted with the actor about his leading man status below.
Laz AlonsoPhoto Credit: Jennifer Cooper

The Boys was nominated for its first Emmy last year. Shows of its genre don’t usually get recognized. What do you think makes The Boys special and resonates on a higher level than most of the TV shows in its genre?

I believe Eric Kripke and his team of writers have found a balance in highlighting our real world with this super hero genre. The fact that The Boys is grounded in flawed human beings, regardless of supernatural powers, keeps our ‘so called’ heroes accessible. People watching the show can still see our heroes be insecure, age, suffer mental and physical illnesses, have morality flaws, things that are inherently human are all very present in our heroes as well. It keeps the show based in reality even when we drive a boat thru a sperm whale.

I hear this coming season is a big one for your character. What can you reveal? Any nuggets that will appease fans?

This season is Mother’s Milk’s origin story. He shares a very close connection with the storyline that threads this season’s theme and his past comes back to haunt him. It also shows that no matter how hard we fight to bury trauma and our past, the only way to truly overcome it is to accept it.

Has your life changed in any significant way since becoming part of such a popular series?

My life has changed in the sense that I feel much more collaborative in the art of making television. Eric Kripke has an open door policy when it comes to pitching ideas for your character, and it has really taught me how much thought and character development goes into each season of making a hit TV show. I feel I have grown to understand the process much better from the producers point of view.

Laz AlonsoPhoto Credit: Jennifer Cooper

What can you tell us about your upcoming film, Detained?

Detained is a classic “who done it” action thriller that is reminiscent of the movies that make you yell at the characters on the screen. Those have always been some of my favorites, films that make you feel like you’re part of the story, and misdirect you to think one thing is happening when really it’s something else. I love to try to figure movies like that out and this one will have you guessing throughout.

Let’s talk Avatar. What did you do when you found out you landed the role?

I was actually excited when I found out it was down to three of us and I was James Cameron’s top choice. That was the moment I felt excitement. To know that my work was in such great company and that whatever I did impressed him enough to want me in the biggest film of his career at that point made me feel like I have a lot to contribute. When I got the call that I got it, I was grateful, more than anything else.

Which one of your roles would you say has been the most impactful to your career and why?

It’s very difficult to pick one role because every role has led to the next one. When I dive into a role, it becomes my favorite role and project I’ve ever worked on, so I enjoy them and the process equally. It’s very difficult to name one character but I will say that each and every one has contributed to the building of my career and where I am today. I am equally grateful all the characters I’ve worked with thus far.

Laz AlonsoPhoto Credit: Jennifer Cooper