Ricki Manahan: The True Real Estate Huntress


The 21st century has given women the rights they deserved all along. With this support that’s been given to women, they have been able to achieve a lot in life. From building empires to establishing themselves in male-dominated industries, women have done it all. Nurturing young female minds positively has changed the world for good.

One of these smart, resilient, and inspiring personalities is Ricki Manahan. She is an experienced real estate executive who has received some of the industry’s highest distinctions for her negotiating, strategic marketing, and luxury market experience. Her resolve to fulfill her clients’ needs in her own unique style fuels her unyielding ambition for success.

Her enthusiasm for the work she does sets her apart from the pack. Her work ethic and excellent communication skills have also aided in advancing her professionally. She is self-assured and believes that if you put your mind and heart into anything, you can achieve anything.

Ricki‘s goal is to assist clients in buying and selling real estate at their desired prices while also obtaining their desired properties. She encourages her clients and others to think about and listen to the recommendations of their real estate professionals. These people are on your side and want you to receive the best location and price possible.

She has overcome many obstacles on her path to success, but the support she received from her five loving children kept her going. Finding the ideal properties for her clientele gave her greater confidence and propelled her forward in her career.

Ricki’s own real estate ventures have also proven successful. She has made excellent use of these platforms to communicate her knowledge of the Truckee-Tahoe area. Whether national or international, Ricki’s clients put their trust in her to make the best decisions for their real estate investments.

People like her are true inspirations for many people all around the world. She has demonstrated that being a woman is not a flaw but instead a strength. Her family was a huge help and encouraged her to keep going, which she is grateful for. Her bargaining and marketing talents propelled her into popularity and helped her achieve her goals as a realtor.

Ricki’s ability to research her clients’ requirements sets her apart. She devotes all of her efforts to finding the ideal properties that meet her clients’ needs once she learns what they’re looking for. She has also established excellent innovative company development talents for both commercial and public corporations.

She also encourages people to improve their soft skills. These can aid a person’s exponential advancement in any field. Ricki‘s commitment has gotten her this far, and her potential will keep her going. She is an inspiration to many ladies all around the world, and her accomplishments inspire us to believe that the next generation has a bright future.

Written in partnership with Ascend