Meet Aye Yo Kells: the Entertainment Publicist Changing the Face of PR

What does it take to be a successful entertainer? A talent, sure. But in the age of social media, you need a PR company that understands your vision and identity to help you succeed. Entertainment publicists are key players when trying to get into the spotlight because they help artists create a unique identity using their voices.

With her unmatched connections and flawless track record with top personalities and brands like Vivica Foxx, Hilary Clinton campaign, Kiyomi Leslie, and more, Aye Yo Kells, founder of The Jamison Agency, has become a sought-after entertainment publicist.

The Jamison Agency offers everything from PR, media relations, media training, crisis management, verification services, marketing, and more. Kells has grown to become the lead publicist of a black-owned network, a TV with over 100k subscribers. She is also the talent booker for comedian Funny Marco’s new podcast.

Kells is not your typical PR expert; even more- a gifted speaker with a sincere passion for humanity. She’s also a mental health and GBV advocate. Her empathy and ability to connect with the vulnerables are tools she’s leveraged to grow her brand and help more people outside the entertainment community. A few years ago, Kells experienced a series of traumatic events that took a toll on her mental health. The first was being rejected by her biological mother following their separation, which led her to an abusive relationship with a partner struggling with mental health issues. After one year of feeling stuck, Kells finally summoned the courage to move in with a friend in her one-bedroom apartment.

During this period, Kells had taken a short hiatus from the entertainment business but was slowly regaining her footing. It wasn’t all rosy, as Kells had her fair share of tough times, one of these was a poor living experience at her friend’s apartment. Kells managed to save enough money to get a two-bedroomed apartment of her own that she shared with a friend. Shortly after, she took a job at a call center and started rebuilding her clientele. Gradually, her business began to look up, leaving Kells the option of quitting her job to focus on her brand, which grew to become The Jamison Agency. Kells has scaled the business in just over two years and won multiple industry awards for her work.

In 2020, Kells received the Grind Guru award in her home state of North Carolina. She also won the Philanthropy award, Women in Media Award, The People’s Choice Award, and Personality of the Year Award. Awards became a norm, as she claimed the award for the Rising Publicist of the Year at the Black Media Honor Awards. That year she also achieved over $150K in sales, a feat she could never have imagined a few months before. For her accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Kells has also organically featured in renowned publications like Forbes, appearing in the February issue of Forbes to celebrate black history month 2022.

Outside entertainment, Kells is renowned for her community building and philanthropy. Kells is the founder of “Creators Who Hustle,” a network on a mission to inspire, uplift, and empower. The platform is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise, providing tools, and availing resources and experiences to people looking to penetrate the entertainment industry. Kells also uses her expertise to empower women and girls every chance she gets. She hopes to own an all-woman-owned adoption agency in North Carolina and expand her brand.

Written in partnership with Ascend