Limitless X Goes Public, Completing Share Exchange Agreement with Bio Lab Naturals

Photo Credit: Limitless X

Regardless of their nature, today’s industries are battlegrounds that leave countless unprepared aspirants defeated. With their dreams unfulfilled, these entrepreneurs, artists, and other professionals realize that entering an industry may be one thing, but surviving and thriving in it is a different arena. Given how enmeshed the agency is in the digital advertising and marketing realm, Limitless X is privy to the fact that chances favor the prepared. Thus, this trailblazing agency has dedicated its path to serving as a launching pad for thousands of entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to get ahead in the hopes of leading them towards the summits of success. Boasting colors that exude passion for helping others succeed, Limitless X continues to push boundaries through the recent completion of the share exchange agreement with Bio Lab Naturals (“the Company”) (OTCQB: BLAB). By continuing to defy odds, this power player is bound to take the industry by storm.

Limitless X is a full-service lifestyle agency that specializes in digital advertising and marketing. Dedicated to serving as a catapulting device for thousands of aspiring powerhouses across various trades, this trailblazing entity has a global ecosystem with three verticals and a series of industry-leading product and service-oriented businesses within each facet, focusing on the Health & Wellness, Beauty, and Skincare, and CBD industries. Limitless X is a corporation formed in Nevada in September 2021.

Over the years, Limitless X has remained committed to revolutionizing the industry, one innovative breakthrough at a time. Founded by a visionary, Jas Mathur, whose zealous spirit is empowered by consistently pushing the boundaries of the industry, the trailblazing entity continues to make significant strides across the trade. Moreover, through the share exchange agreement with the Company, Limitless X stays true to its vision, becoming a must-watch force in the digital advertising and marketing realm.

The share exchange agreement that was made effective May 20, 2022, has allowed Limitless X shareholders to receive approximately 90% of the Company’s stocks in exchange for all of Limitless X’s shares. Concurrent to this, Limitless X founder and principal shareholder Jas Mathur also purchased 500,000 shares from Helion Holdings LLC, which are the Company’s Class A Preferred Supermajority Voting Convertible Stock.

“Today marks an important milestone for Limitless X,” said Jas Mathur. “Our mission is to launch products and services which make people look good and feel great. Operating as a public company, we are now able to increase our visibility and exposure within the capital markets, expand our brand recognition and provide our market opportunity to a wider investor audience. I look forward to this next step, of entering the public markets and turning Limitless X into a rapidly growing successful enterprise and a globally recognized household brand,” he added.

While the Company intends to change its name and file for a ticker symbol change, Limitless X will continue to carry on Bio Lab Naturals’ business and core operations, including Prime Time Live, Inc., a Denver, CO-based company that provides clients with high-resolution mobile LED screens for entertainment, corporate, civic, and sporting events. With this recent turn of events, the trailblazing entity continues to materialize its vision, expanding its global ecosystem while delivering its promise of providing unique products across a wide variety of industries.

Written in partnership with Business Leadership Network