2022 No. 6 Overall Draft Pick Bennedict Mathurin Dishes On His Slick Draft Night Style — Including Custom-Made D&G + A Hublot Big Bang Black Magic

Benn MathurinPhoto Credit: WME Sports @imcoreaz
Benn Mathurin Draft Look credits:
Suit & Shoes @dolcegabbana
Jewelry: @ericdajeweler @zofrost
Watch: @hublot & @hublot_northamerica
Visual Architect: @kmcme17

Bennedict Mathurin had a big night on Thursday. Mathurin, who played college basketball for the Arizona Wildcats, was drafted sixth overall in the 2022 NBA draft by the Indiana Pacers. He is the first ever player from Montreal to be selected as a lottery pick. We chatted with Benn prior to the Draft for a peak at his Draft Night style — which included custom-made Dolce & Gabbana as well as an incredible Hublot Big Bang Black Magic watch!

Benn MathurinPhoto Credit: WME Sports @imcoreaz
Describe your current style.

Right now, my style is skinny jeans, with some kicks. I like a lot of color… to have options…choose my own style.

What are your favorite brands/trends you’re into?

Really into the Alexander McQueen’s and Balenciagas…for brands I love Off white, Gucci, Dolce….Moose Knuckle for something more casual.

What was your Draft suit/look process, the final look and meaning?

I worked with my team and stylist to put the look together with Dolce & Gabbana. Red and Black are my favorite colors… I wanted something to stand out. My family, they’re inside of my jacket, a picture of my sister, brother and I as kids…. my brother Dominique passed away and I wanted to honor him, he and my sister Jenn are my motivation… Also added Black Lives Matter to the interior – it’s really important to me as a person and it tells a lot about me, it’s continues to be an important message for the community right now.

What was it like to have D&G create a custom look for you? How did that come about?

It’s great having Dolce dress me, great opportunity.

We started the process with my stylist, Kesha, at the NBA lottery – dressing me for that night and then helping me create my look for Draft Night.

Tell us about the rest of your look – accessories, hairstyle, etc.

I did braids, and for accessories I got my Domixworld chai — that’s for my brother. It means a lot to me… and a Hublot watch.

Do you own many watches? Would you say you’re a collector, or will be in the future? What current watches are you coveting?

Not yet. Looking forward to investing in some classics. There’s a lot I like.

Benn MathurinPhoto Credit: WME Sports @imcoreaz

Was this your first time working with a stylist?

Yes. It’s amazing, got to learn a lot about the process and all that goes into it….still learning.

Is there anyone whose style you admire – athlete, celebrity, etc.?

I like Michael B Jordan.

You’re from Montreal, Canada and your family is from Haiti. What role does your cultural background play in your style?

I think it makes me confident about the way I wear clothes, the fit…dress the way I want. Drawn to colors and patterns. I’m also trying to learn more about Haitian designers like Kerby from Pyer Moss.

Why do you think fashion plays such an important role in the NBA?

Fashion gives you more exposure.. It’s an opportunity to show your personality and versatility off the court

Which player(s) style is always on point?

I like Devin Booker’s style

What will you bring to the NBA / team who drafts you?

I’ll be bringing a great. personality, I’m a hard worker, my competitiveness, energy and winning mindset.

Is the Draft shaping up to be one of the top three most exciting moments of your life? THE most exciting?

For sure. Once in a lifetime opportunity — been waiting for this moment my whole life.

What do you think your driving force as a player will be?

Wanting to be the best, every time I step on the court. My competitiveness. My family — my brother — continue to be my motivation.

What’s your mantra pre-game? Will you employ that pre-Draft?

No mantra, but I like music… March Madness by Future is my go to pre-game. I’ll probably listen to it on Draft night.

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

I think time is the greatest luxury in life. To have it and what you do with it.