Rolex & Cinema: Inside The 2022 Oscars Greenroom For Hollywood A-Listers

Rolex Oscars GreenroomPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Rolex

The Oscars Greenroom, hosted by Rolex, is the ultimate lounge for Hollywood A-listers and Oscar nominees. From Benedict Cumberbatch and Will Smith to Nicole Kidman and Penélope Cruz, the Greenroom is where some of the most intimate and monumental moments in cinema history, before and after the Oscars ceremony. And as a partner over the last several years, Rolex has curated luxury, immersive experiences for the Oscars Greenroom.

This year, the decor of the Greenroom takes inspiration from Hollywood, and its notable studies with decorative wall panels in an Aet Deco style fused with elements from Rolex watches to create mosaics that reproduce the Los Angeles skyline. Embodying the relationship between Rolex and the cinema, the decorative elements throughout the Greenroom symbolize recognizable landmarks from the film world — Hollywood, the Academy and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures – while also showcasing some of Rolex’s most distinguishable features like indexes, hands, and fluted bezels. 

Rolex Oscars GreenroomPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Rolex

“The meticulous care that goes into the making of a Rolex watch, the attention we pay to the tiniest detail, and our constant pursuit of excellence are all present in the Greenroom. They mirror the subtlety, the precision, and the magic of film,” comments Arnaud Boetsch, Communication & Image Director at Rolex. This year’s Oscars Greenroom is a true testament to Rolex’s close ties with the cinema.

Rolex Oscars GreenroomPhoto Credit: Courtesy of RolexThe Greenroom will also feature images from the latest Rolex campaign, which is a tribute to the filmmaker’s art as well as the script for The Path, which will air during the 94th Oscars ceremony. The film is a powerful metaphor for movement, progress, and the creative process through motion picture extracts that illustrate the different paths a person can take — it is Rolex’s tribute to cinematic masterpieces and the values of excellence it shares with the world of film.