Haute Living Celebrates Hungarian Artist Agnes Nagy At Biltmore Hotel

Renowned Hungarian artist Agnes Nagy receives praise and recognition at illustrious Biltmore Hotel.

April Donelson, Angela Birdman, Josephine Bodog

Photo Credit: Gabriel Bancora

Haute Living Media Group gathered a collection of distinguished and influential figures at the venerable Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables to commemorate the stunning work of Hungarian artist, Agnes Nagy. Fittingly enough, the South Florida SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals) was also in attendance to announce a wonderful initiative the charitable organization will be conducting alongside the animal-loving artist.

Besides so many of Agnes’ works having to do with animals, she is also truly passionate about the protection of animals and the prevention of abusing them. Naturally, this aligns with the SPCA’s work, which has been saving abandoned and abused horses and livestock in the South Florida region since 1992. It was announced during the event that Agnes has collaborated with the SPCA to fund a charitable event for the evening of Thursday, February 24th in Miami Beach. The event was announced by Angela Birdman, who does plenty of work to save abandoned or abused dogs in the board of directors of Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Proceeds to this event will fund all of the good work done by the SPCA. Dubbed as the Agnes Nagy Angela Birdman Animals Art Amour, the event will be organized by Haute Living and Platform.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Bancor

The exhibition “Soulmates,” which launched during Art Basel 2021 and will run March 2022 displays some of Agnes Nagy’s most iconic  and striking works yet. Platform by Sogol Décor, where the exhibition currently resides, is a salon-style gallery located at 410 Meridian Avenue in Miami Beach. Viewing are conducted by appointment so if you wish to book your own, please e-mail platform@sogoldecor.com.

The intimate and gorgeous event at the Biltmore hotel included the best in food and beverage for the exclusive group of attendees and they enjoyed a memorable evening in one of the most stunning spaces in all of Coral Gables.

After being welcomed by a wonderful selection of white and red wines, guests were treated to a beautiful menu. To get things started, a beautiful salad of baby gem lettuce and saffron poached pear was served with whipped raspberry, goat cheese, candied walnuts and orange tamarind vinaigrette. This was followed two wonderful entrees. The first was a larger brined Frenched chicken breast, served with red cabbage bacon slaw, roasted fingerling and leek crushed potato, broccoli, red wine gastrique and roasted tomatoes. The alternative entree option was a seared king salmon with anise parsnip puree, roasted Thumbelina carrots, baby yellow beets and sauce ormandy. For dessert, guests enjoyed a white chocolate bombe exotic with a mango sauce cream center.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Bancora

All in all, this was a lovely way to celebrate Agnes Nagy’s wonderful art while honoring a great and noble cause. Watch this space as there will certainly be more to discuss after Agnes’ next Haute Living event. Guests can register to attend HERE.